As those of you who read one or more of the index, RSS feed, or sidebar know, mobileTunes v2.0 is now in progress. The changes will be mostly to the TI-83+/TI-84+ series code to make it fully compatible with all Doors CS 5-enabled calculators. At the same time I'm editing Doors CS itself to improve associated program support, so look for mT2 and DCS 5.2 around the same time. Any comments/suggestions?
i want a full video player next!!! Just Joking

maybe more than just a midi-style song....(not sure its possible or not tho), and have dcs auto-launch mtunes when you try and start the song from the "desktop" (or whatever you want to call it)
Is there an easy way to listen to music on an 84+SE. The problem is that most 2.5 mm plugs don't work in the 84+ linkport. Is there a way around this at all?
i just got a 2.5mm to 3.5mm (or whatever the 1/8th in headphone jack is) from radio shack, and it fit fine.....
...Or splice a link cable and a stereo cable and solder them together!
I have a 2.5mm jack and a 3.5mm jack that I soldered together, just plug in an (uncut) link cable and headphones, then plug it into the calc, and voila!

@Kllrnohj: It does play rudimentary video...
thats not video! its a slideshow! Laughing

still cool tho. I never used mt1 tho, lol
Only because I've set a large lag between frames, you can have perfectly sequential frames, but you can only have 10-20 seconds because of the mini-RAM. Sad
You know, I bought an adapter, but I never checked to see if it worked... I might have to do that tonight...
You should. I can't guarantee that mT1 won't crash with DCS5 though...
Yours isn't the only sound file out there... I shall find something else for the time being...
Fair enough, try that piano program that's out there somewhere.
I tried that prog a few years back; never could get it working.
Worked for me - just be sure you're using an 83, I don't think it works on the ROM series (TI-83+ through 84+SE)/
OOHH!! OOH!! use mine! use mine!

oh... sry... i have a piano program you can use... but its in BASIC, and you need omnicalc...
:lol; I believe Omnicalc = bad because it makes other people unable to use the program. Wait, how can you have Omnicalc on an 83??
what? i thought we were talking 83+...

oh well...
KermMartian wrote:
Worked for me - just be sure you're using an 83, I don't think it works on the ROM series (TI-83+ through 84+SE)


Moving along smoothly, may have eliminated one bug...
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