I have to make a quick game for my computers class, but I really hate Game Maker. I would use Blender but it takes too long to make a game, and I want to make it 2D...but 2D tutorials are scarce. Does anybody know of any good game making programs?
Code it from scratch in Java or another easy language? xD

No, seriously, make a spaceinvaders clone or something, that's easy enough.
I'm inclined to agree with that- build something from scratch. You'll learn a lot more and get more control than you would otherwise.

As for a language to write it in, I heartily recommend Microsoft's XNA environment.
XNA Game Studio Express
the Games Factory 2
C + SDL Wink
thanks, I'll take a look at them all
Elysium Source is used quite often as a generic 2D game source template.

[ http://www.onlinegamecore.com/download.php ] is a good place to look at for resources. Smile
I've been using pycap lately.
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