Kllrnohj wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
Ah, I see. Well, if you can replicate the GUI... and CALCnet2 ... and gCn ... and all the MOS routines ... and all the AP routines, then go for it. 0x5

Replicate? Why replicate? He can just get em from the DCS source Razz
Ahhh, no, because that would be a blatant violation of the source code license. I quote:

DCS Source Code License wrote:
|| USAGE ||
Under abolutely no circumstances whatsoever may the source code of Doors CS may be recompiled in
whole or in part and released by an individual, group, or third party other than "Kerm Martian"
without express, expicit written permission from "Kerm Martian".
Sections of code may be used in
other published projects only with the written permission of "Kerm Martian".
The source code of
Doors CS may be freely examined and reverse-engineered only for constructive purposes. It is
explicitly illegal and contrary to this agreement to use any of the information covered directly or
indirectly by this agreement for malicious or harmful purposes.

And there's no way I would give permission to a competing shell. Very Happy
And i do not like to copy code because of errors or misunderstanding in some peace i create my owns....
You misspelled explicit Razz
Harq wrote:
You misspelled explicit Razz
>.< D'oh! Thanks for noticing that, Harq.

A new beta is coming, seriously, as soon as I finish final exams.
Idea - Whenever there is an error in a BASIC program, besides just the error code, it would be nice to have some debugging information like the type of error that occured (Syntax, Domain, Mem, Undefined, etc.) and even what line in the program the error occurred at. Even better, it would be cool if there was a GOTO option so that you can go debug the program and get it working.

BTW, there still seems to be a memory leak somewhere 'cause when I'm going around doing some file management with DCS, I noticed my RAM went from 23 to 13 K - and everything's archived.
If you have a lot of programs and a lot of folders, that's all being taken up by the VAT. 10k for the VAT sounds a bit high though...

Anyway, I'm hoping for DCS 5.9 Beta 1 coming today or tomorrow.
[quietly]: Ugh, stupid 403s!

Maybe you could add an option in DCS to rebuild the VAT?
BTW, how do you do that in TI-OS?
Reset the RAM.

*Demon switched back to Windows so fast that he forgot to copy /var/www and lost the most recent copy of his website again. Back to the drawing board!!!

PWNT! Razz
[groans in disappointment]
I was hopting I could do that without having to reset... that task should be made into an ASM program...
Kerm said it *COULD* be taken up by the VAT, not that it is. A RAM reset will get that RAM back, regardless of the cause Smile
Kllrnohj wrote:
Kerm said it *COULD* be taken up by the VAT, not that it is. A RAM reset will get that RAM back, regardless of the cause Smile
Exactly. Pseudoprogrammer just reported the same thing to me, so it's probably caused by something else.
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