KermMartian wrote:
What a surprise it still work even if the memory location is moved 4 bytes in advance. Need to learn how it still work now!
The items that would be off by 4 bytes are: absolute jump targets (jp), call targets within the program (call), and memory addresses of constants and variables within the program (e.g. your str1 and str2). Straight-line code or code that only uses relative jumps (jr) is relocatable, a fact that some programs take advantage of!

Thanks. All good. In fact I moved to dcse8 sdk, other than somehow unlike dcse7 sdk which can proper generate the filename based on H4OK.asm to H4OK.8xp, the dcse8 sdk compile generate ZZTEMP ... and some minor adjustment to the shell program (the .inc location is not right). See my other posts.

All good. Thanks again.
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