I'm excited to announce that thanks to Heath and Parisse, Upsilon 1 has now been ported to the ti nspire. Upsilon is a community fork of the official os of the numworks calculators, making the only downside to numworks, the lack of programming options. Its an excellent os and has a lot of user-friendly and useful features. Its exciting that we can now try it on the nspire without having to get a numworks. The best part, its only 3 mb.
You can download it here
A question for Heath. I noticed that xcas does not come installed with this port of upsilon. Is there a way to get that on the nspire to work with this program?
Calculatordream wrote:
A question for Heath. I noticed that xcas does not come installed with this port of upsilon. Is there a way to get that on the nspire to work with this program?

I think you’d be better off asking parisse because I didn’t make the Nspire port or Khicas/Xcas. I feel like it’s probably possible to make it work if it’s compiled into the OS
That's really cool, thanks for sharing! I've never been a huge fan of the TI-Nspire OS, even if the hardware is pretty solid, so it's nice to see different options for the OS.
Ok, so I've noticed three bugs with this. The more I use it, the more I want to get a numworks, but at the same time, it has three major drawbacks for me.

1. First of all, this port of Upsilon for the nspire has an option to save your state since it automatically loads french as the language. I'm able to save a state and it shows up as a file, but when I load it, it says "successfully loaded. press any key". But when I go back to the home screen, nothing has changed. It hasn't loaded my saved state. Maybe someone can point out what I'm doing wrong here.

2. Secondly, sometimes when I exit out of the upsilon os and go to my gba emulator, the whole calculator just crashes when I go to launch it.

3. Lastly, this port seems to be messing with nover. Whenever I try to install ndless, it just crashes halfway through this process and keeps doing that. To install ndless, I have to move nover out of the startup folder, launch ndless, move nover back into the startup folder, reset the calculator, and then install ndless.

To conclude, while these apparent bugs make using this port of Upsilon difficult, its still really cool and I'm very impressed by it.
This is awesome. I personally got Upsilon on my fx-CG10 since I don't have a TI-Nspire CX or NumWorks. Hopefully Upsilon gets ported to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition soon.
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