Close to fifteen years ago, I first branched my personal website out of Cemetech as , later registered as in March 2012. Like most personal websites of folks in academic and technology fields, it contained my projects, my resume, my publications. I have gradually updated it over the years, mostly updating my resume and the main page, but without significantly overhauling the site or including any updates about my projects.

Simultaneously, due to the ambiguous origins of Cemetech as my own site as well as a personal site, many of the items in the Projects section of this very website as my own projects, not strictly Cemetech's. For example, while projects like jsTIfied and SourceCoder are ambiguous, especially now that many members of the community have contributed, my Master's thesis, the Clove datagloves, the Ultimate Calculators, my books, and the design of my future private train car are squarely my own personal projects, and decreasingly belong solely documented on a community website.

Therefore, I've published a brand-new iteration of my personal website at . Based on the hugo software and using a modified form of the tranquilpeak hugo theme, it contains the four sections of my original site (Home, Projects, Publications, Resume), as well as a new blog section where I will be try to keep up with posting long-form writeups of my personal projects. In the spirit of migrating my primary personal project documentation out of Cemetech's Projects section, I have begun migrating the full writeups of projects like jsTIfied, my Master's thesis, Scouter, and the Clove datagloves onto this personal website.

I'm looking forward to continuing to use hugo for this (and I highly recommend it), because it combines the best of static and dynamic websites. You can write markdown, or with a little bit of magic and scripting in hugo's primitive scripting language, markdown infused with custom tags or even HTML. "Compiling" your site generates HTML and moves images where they need to go. And since I've gotten so used to writing markdown documentation of everything in the age of git anyway, it's a very easy way to transition to maintaining a website with many pages without needing to hand-tune a lot of HTML.

Feedback and comments are always welcome, and I will of course continue to post project updates here on the Cemetech forum as well - in fact, I'm looking forward to finally posting a topic about my Train Simulator Controller I've been documenting on this overhauled site's blog here very soon!

It looks awesome! the side bar is really big though, it is sort of distracting.
Commented_Newline wrote:
It looks awesome! the side bar is really big though, it is sort of distracting.
Good feedback! On wide screens, I shrunk the sidebar from 500px to 400px, and its padding from 80px to 20px, and that leaves more space for the content. The content does seem to not have enough words per line, though - I'll either shrink the font or let it get wider on wide screens.
I think it looks really great and just overall more modern and sleek. Great job on it, Kerm, and I can't wait to see you post about that new project of yours
Looks great! I love hugo Smile

For some reason on this page:
When I scroll down, the scroll to top button disappears, but appears when I scroll up.
I'd be curious to learn more about the details of how you're building and hosting, for comparison against what I'm doing for my site.

Mine Is stored in a GitLab repository and built with GitLab CI, with every update pushed to a "beta" subdomain on GitLab Pages and commits to the main branch built and pushed to my own server. I've also found Netlify CMS (now Decap CMS) useful in providing a convenient web UI for editing pages, but I still sometimes use a manual workflow when doing more complex writing.
Mine is a bit more manual than yours

1. Content stored in a private Github repository
2. Live site updated immediately by running hugo (I usually just work on the site with two screen tabs open), no beta site.
3. Code edited the simple way, in vim with nothing extra.
KermMartian wrote:
2. Live site updated immediately by running hugo (I usually just work on the site with two screen tabs open), no beta site.

Yeah hugo makes this really nice with their "hugo server" so you can test locally
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