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Two Projects of the Month articles in 24 hours?! Lots of great progress this month, lets get straight into it!
  • A better text editor for the CE: Therad2 is starting a new text editor written in ICE! They need some assistance with reading from files so go give them some support!
  • Among None 83+/84+: A very late april fools joke/tech demo: Oxiti8 created an cool new maze storage system that allows huge TI-Basic mazes in in a very small amount of space! If you want to try a map, you can download it from the Archives!

  • C(E)P/M - CP/M emulator for the CE!: Spaceboy10- Is porting the Control Program for Microcomputers (CP/M) OS to the TI-84 Plus CE! They even plan to allow running existing CP/M software.

  • CEsh: A native ANSI terminal for the TI-84 plus CE: calclover2514 is making great progress on their Terminal for the CE. This month they improved the UI by implementing command history a usable cursor!
  • Clash of Clans for the CE: Therad2 is also creating a port of the popular mobile game Clash of Clans. They'll recreate the sprites by hand on the calculator and implement attacking random bases in the future!
  • Commander Checkers: Checkers with Ranks: Is Checkers too simple for you? If so, Itzz-Me has you covered by creating a new type of Checkers game with General, Lieutenants, and Commanders! The rules aren't quite as scary as it sounds so go check it out!

  • Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon: Hot_Dog's incredible RPG has received an update that resolves a bug with the game's ending crashing! If you haven't experienced this great story, it's available for both the TI-83/84 Plus as well as the TI-84 Plus CE!
  • Emu8-z80: A CASIO fx-ES PLUS calculator emulator for TI-83+: If you love calculators so much, why not put a calculator on your calculator? LifeEmu is doing just that by creating an emulator for a Casio calculator! This will be a feat of programming since the TI-83 Plus is very under-powered compared to the Casio. Go show the author some support!
  • HASHLIB - Cryptography Library for the CE: Acagliano is cleaning up the library and making the functions more class-like. If you have code for crypto hash algorithms other than SHA256 the author would love to add it to the library!
  • ICE raycast: Therad2 has made great strides with their raycasting program in ICE. The max map area is 400x larger now and performance has increased even more! You can try it yourself with the download link in the post!
  • Into the Shade: An Odd Game About Cars: TIny_Hacker improved a neat project where you drive a car around the screen trying to keep it from overheating! This month they added weather simulation which freezes puddles and spices up the 256 included levels!

  • Minimalist UEFI bootloader (or an Anti-GRUB): Tired with the existing feature-bloated OS loaders, CavesUnderscore has been working on their own version, TinyOSL! With a goal of keeping the program under 500 lines of code, it's a very lightweight!
  • OutRun on Casio fx CG10/20/50 PRIZM / Graph 90+E: slyVTT created a very complete port of OutRun! It has a dozen levels each with their own scenery, as well as opponents to race against! The game is released so go try it out!

  • Periodic Table CE: mr womp womp improved their Periodic table program by adding electron configuration and oxidation states. It also now has the precision equal to TI's own app!
  • Planning a USB C mod for the CE.: TheLastMillennial is seeking to replace their TI-84 Plus CE's mini-USB port while still allowing simultaneous charging and OTG data transfer! They need help creating a circuit to do this so go show some support!
  • S.A.M.M. - A Metroid-vania for TI-84 Plus CE [beta]: Captain Calc is making steady progress on their awesome looking platformer. There's currently 100 rooms with over a hundred more planned! There's lots of planning to this update so go check it out!

  • Wireless communication with TI-84 Plus CE python: Jelte2357 needs assistance creating wireless texting between calculators! They'll be using 2 microbits but need cable recommendations.

That's all for this month, remember to vote for your favorite project in the poll!
What an amazing month! Well done everyone! Very Happy
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