Tiny bump but I also added a shrug command half to show how easy it is to add stuff like this and half because I can't live without it.

I'm not sure what other commands I want to add (if any).

There have been some calls for markdown support, but I'm not sure how I feel about this- SAX is a very lightweight client and I'd like to keep it that way. Additionally, markdown tampers with messages in a way not always intended by users. I was considering adding markdown support to posts anyway, though (with translation to bbcode happening when you press submit). Perhaps I could use that here too.

Edit: last night there was a weird bug for people on windows using /shrug (i.e. me). This was an encoding issue (the file was being interpreted as iso-8859-1, which in the web world (post-HTML5) is the same as windows-1252 even though they're fairly different.)
Triple post, but release time!

(big features in bold)

  • Adds gentle hover effect to poll bars
  • Adds a button for the [hr] tag in the post menu
  • Adds live previews and a focused view to the post editor
  • Adds a color picker to the post menu
  • Adds spoilers
  • Adds a /shrug command to SAX
  • Improves command documentation in SAX
  • Adds firefox support (thanks Eeems)
  • Enforces maximum size on avatars
  • Fixes fuzzy jstified rendering
  • Fixes fast snow- this was added into cemetech so it was reverted.
  • Fixes overflowing text on posts with long words
  • Fixes broken ticalc links in profiles (somehow this was still a thing for some profiles)
  • Restyles UTI pages (thanks mrwompwomp)
  • Improves SAX
  • Centers emotes
  • Centers some other buttons in other pages

Download the .xpi file if you use firefox, or unzip the .zip file and tell chrome it's an extension.
I'm pretty much kinda done on this project- there are a lot of small, uninteresting things I'd like to do, but I'll do them mostly when prompted Evil or Very Mad

Today I pushed a small change to spoilers that added a thin border to spoilers so they're still visually distinct after they're revealed, as suggested by commandblockguy. I'd like to know what you guys think about this change.
lol yeah, funny joke iPhoenix, I'm not done at all

(big features in bold, includes features from v3.0.3 that I never posted about)

  • Fixes a bug with sax that occurred when users were logged out
  • Hide some nav stuff (I genuinely forgot what I removed here, probably stuff nobody used)
  • Adds a header selector for the post editor
  • The aforementioned spoilers change.
  • Improves the emoji table (thanks womp)
  • Improves shadows in some places
  • Makes more gaps more consistent
  • Fixes cemetech expert bug
  • hack-Fixes the issue with the stats page

GitHub release, Firefox download, Chrome download
Very nice update! I actually really like how the emoji table turned out Smile
I just fixed a small issue in the userstyle that only affects people with access to the admin panel for the site.

GitHub release, Firefox download, Chrome download
_iPhoenix_ wrote:
I just fixed a small issue in the userstyle that only affects people with access to the admin panel for the site.

GitHub release, Firefox download, Chrome download

Sadly the Firefox one doesn't work, Firefox complains the package is broken Sad (v3.1.0 works fine)
(big features in bold, includes features from v3.0.3 that I never posted about)

  • Adds a fullscreen button to sc3
  • Adds a copy button to code blocks- converts stuff back to tabs, fixing a bug that has several bug reports
  • Removes a text-transform style on a username field on an admin page
  • Fixes a bug where resources that delayed page loading would also delay the execution of javascript tweaks (#33)

GitHub release, Firefox download, Chrome download
Okay, I've just installed this... and it looks amazing! Now it just needs one thing: a dark mode. I have another request as well... would it be possible to change this to a *.user.js style userscript so it can be used with TamperMonkey or other similar userscript managers?

EDIT: oops just realized that this is a userstyle not a userscript per se... So it would probably be aa *.css or similar, installed into something like Stylus. Unless of course my epiphany was wrong, and I is in fact a userscript, not a userstyle. Hm.
Its both a userscript and userstyle, it has a stylesheet which gets imported but also adds functionality (and fixes a few bugs) with a bit of JS. I guess that makes it a whole browser extension... Rolling Eyes
You can grab the source and paste it in whatever manager you want.

My question for iPhoenix is:
Is this intentional on UTI pages?

I don't think it is because you left #hbot in there.
If its not intentional, throw the div back in there

      background:#254e6f !important;

I just PR'd it, pls merge.
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