So apparently, after come chat in SAX, on the CE the Prod # on the About screen is not part of the Boot code or unique to each device. It's the OS's Prod #. Surely someone knew about this already.

Here are all known 83CE/84CE/82AEP OS's Prod #'s at the time of this writing:
1.1 EVT2 #2004 13-3---       ; 83 proto     13-07-05-1800 ; 84 proto     13-07-05-3A00 ; 83 proto    13-07-05-3B00?; 83 proto, ti-planet wiki    13-07-05-3E00?; 83 proto, ti-planet wiki, SmartView?     13-07-05-5200 ; 83 proto    13-07-05-5700?; proto, ti-planet wiki     13-07-05-5900     13-07-05-BB00 ; 83 proto     13-07-05-0C00     13-07-05-6000 ; 83 proto     13-07-05-6E00 ; SmartView     13-07-05-7000 ; 83     13-07-05-1300     13-07-05-2300     13-07-05-2A00     13-07-05-2B00     13-07-05-2500 ; 84     13-07-05-2A00 ; 83     13-07-05-3A00    13-07-05-1500?; ti-planet wiki, Chrome OS emulator; Anyone have it?     13-07-05-0600 ; 83 proto     13-07-05-0A00?; 83 proto     13-07-05-1100?; 83 proto     13-07-05-1800 ; 83     13-07-05-0900 ; 83 proto     13-07-05-1200 ; 83     13-07-05-1600 ; 84     13-07-05-2200     13-07-05-3000 ; 83 Linux TI-83 Premium CE emulator     13-07-05-3400 ; 84 Chrome OS TI-84 Plus CE emulator     13-07-05-1F00 ; 83 beta     13-07-05-2600 ; 83     13-07-05-2C00 ; 83     13-07-05-0B00 ; 84T     13-07-05-1400 ; 84     13-07-05-0C00     13-08-05-1100 ; 82     13-07-05-1100
Ones I cannot verify or find evidence of are followed by a "?".

The CSE OS's and the Monochrome OS's seem to have no effect on the Prod # though (because ROM8x doesn't handle it properly?).

Edit: Added 83PCE OS's
Edit: Added 5.6.1 &
Edit 210617: added 82AEP
Edit 210617: Added
Edit 210617: Removed EVT as these are boots, not OS's.
Edit 210617: Added
Edit 210617: Added
Edit 210707: Added 1.1 EVT2 #2004
Edit 211122: Added
Edit 220512: Added
In the list you posted, the last 4 digits are just the OS build number.
You missed the protos Razz
    5.0.0 EVT3 0024

    5.0.0 EVT3 0058

Interestingly since it is based off the build number, and 5.0.0 EVT3 0058 have the same prod #.
So it appears that rom8x handles the Prod# in an incorrect way that causes 0A-1-01-01 (zeros in memory, I assume) to be used instead of the proper number.

Here are the TI-84 Plus OS Prod#'s
0.01     0A-2-02-00
0.46     0A-3-02-14
2.21     0A-3-02-15
2.22     0A-3-02-16
2.30     0A-3-02-1E
2.40     0A-3-02-28
2.41     0A-3-02-29
2.43     0A-3-02-2B
2.53MP   0A-3-02-35
2.55MP   0A-3-02-37

Edit: The second to last number in the Prod ID is the major version (5[.0.0.0089] for the CE, 2 for the 84+, etc.) the last number, as stated by DebrouxL, is the OS build number: (i.e. [5.0.0.]0089 == 5900h, [2.]30 == 1Eh).

Edit: Added 0.01
Edit 210617: Fixed 0.46
The TI-83+ looks like it fits the patterns mentioned above (not that there was any reason to expect otherwise):
1.19: 04-1-01-13

But either the 68k calculators do not follow the same scheme, or they have an extra, internal build number, & also the penultimate number is not the major version:
TI-92+ HW2 2.09: 01-1-C-57
TI-89 Titanium (both HW3 & HW4) 3.10: 09-2-E-53

Note that all 4 parts are different between those two...perhaps comparison with other OS versions (especially 1.x) & other calculators (TI-89 non-Titanium, TI-92 with Plus module, V200) would reveal the pattern for AMS.
Here's a few 68ks of mine
    (proto) 1.02: 03-0-1-2E
    (proto) 1.00b8: 03-0-2-17
    2.05: 03-1-9-4C

    2.06: 08-2-A-5D

TI-92 Plus
    2.05: 01-1-9-4C

TI-89 Titanium
    3.00: 09-2-D-19
For the TI-68k series, the making of the product ID is documented, the online version being .
The header of AMS 3.10 for the 89T contains:

80 11 09 80 21 0e 80 32 00 53 80 a1 02

ROM_CALL AB_prodid calls copen, copensub, cfindfield, cgetfnl and finally sprintf.

The I variable in and below is effectively the contents of the 802(0) field. CalculatorType and I are obtained through a dirty shortcut; I made tiosmod+amspatch years before adding cert field parsing functions to libtifiles, . No absolute need to do it the pedantically correct way when the dirty way works on a closed set of versions, anyway.
With first 82 Advanced Edition Python OS note that the second number in the Prod # is different from the 83CEs and 84CEs.
On the 83 and 84 it is 13-07 and on 82 it is 13-08.
Anyone know where this number comes from on the Z80's?

Edit: According to my documentation it is pulling fields 801 (The value used here is actually stored in the boot code; this is the equivalent field), 80A, 802, and 803 which, according to WikiTI, are Developer key, Max Hardware Revision, Revision Number, and Build Number respectively.
Just realized that this is exactly what Debroux has documented above, I was just to blind to see it >.>
A cnCalc user just received the earliest CE yet (EVT2)
The hardware is very interesting but it has a prod # that you should totally add to the list lol

Here's a link to the original thread Razz
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