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After several months of showing great promise, racking up an impressive postcount, and generally adding to the positive value of Cemetech, elfprince13 has been upgraded from Moderator to Admin on the Cemetech Forum. His duties will include keeping order, evaluating new users and banning bots, proofreading/linking news articles, and working on random site stuff. Congratulations!
thanks. how do you like my new custom title?
lol, cool! Very Happy

Also, I moved it to announcements, cause that is where the topic for jpezs promotion was... Smile
I was going to move it when I wrote the article. Wink
oops, sorry. I just thought you might have stuck it in there by accident... Evil or Very Mad
Haha, don't worry about it. Gou saved me the trouble anyway.
as a ceremonial entrance to my duties, I just deleted the bugmenot.com account.
cool, I guess I should have spent some time doing that myself... Rolling Eyes
Instead of deleting the accounts, bar the usernames & IPs instead. eh?
KermMartian wrote:
Instead of deleting the accounts, bar the usernames & IPs instead. eh?


teh difference with bugmenot is that it isn't a bot....however, I deleted that account and had us removed from the bugmenot.com list

btw, do you want me to approve some of the pending bots?
Alrighty, I seconded the removal request at BugMeNot.
should I approve some of the pending search engines?
Check the IP and user agent. If the useragent is unbold and the ip is bold, approve it. If the useragent is long and bold, ignore it.
okay....or if there isnt a useragent
That 147.x.x.x is CemeSearch...I need to figure out why it's not detecting it.
the alexa is not
Alexa? Definitely allow Alexa to added to the database. I need the webarchive to start including my site. Smile
it was an alexa without a useragent though.
elfprince13 wrote:
it was an alexa without a useragent though.
Then how do you know it was Alexa? Oh, the IP. Even if you added it it probably wouldn't accept it without the useragent then.
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