Platform: z80 calcs in TI-BASIC
Several viewpoints
Over the top
yes yes

Progress: Name, concept, and platform decided, 5% done
We've decided on a name: Jungalia. It'll be for the TI-83+/TI-84+, and have shell compatibility.

The concept is a mix of platforming and stealth(subject to change), with a jungle setting.

The story will be intentionally over-the-top for a somewhat comedic effect.

More details coming soon.
This project now has a github! The repo can be found here.
Here's some rough concept art of the photography sections.

Obviously not color, though Razz
I've worked out the menu, but I have a quick question: Should the edge details on the top and bottom of the screen be removed to make it faster?
Along with some github updates, here's some concept 8x8 sprites of the as of yet unnamed explorer, with the one on the left by TIny_Hacker and the one on the right by me.

Which one do you like best?
Time for a quick update:
-We've scrapped the 2D platforming potions,and are focusing on the top down sections.
-TIny-Hacker has been working on a tile mapper engine for the levels, which you can see an unfinished demo of here:
-The finished product will be more "detailed".
Thanks Oxiti8 for posting my "mockup" Razz ! The tilemap is a lot smoother and also a bit faster on the physical calculator, and what I did really isn't much, I was mainly just figuring out how to use the xLib DrawTileMap thing. But yes, as Oxiti8 said, I am working on jungle-ish maze type maps, and have a tilesheet partially finished.
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