Last night, between 10:30 PM and 12:00 AM, someone broke into my parentsí car and took four of my graphing calculators. A TI-Nspire CX II CAS, a TI-Nspire CX, a TI-83 Premium CE Edition Python, and a TI-84 Plus CE. I am devastated.

It has taken me years to save up the money to flesh out my collection to where it is, but now itís all gone. I no longer own a calculator manufactured after 2007. More than the calculators themselves, all my math work and programs that havenít been saved are now gone for good. I donít understand why someone would do this.

I filed a police report, but they havenít found anything. I think this is the end of this hobby for me.
Looks like I need to fly back to NC and start shooting people
What in the... Who the hell would steal graphing calculators?!?!?!?!
This is ridiculous, hate when people could be so ignorant of the personal value of other people's stuff Evil 2 Evil or Very Mad

Please don't let it destroy your hobby... hobbies are very important to have.
Even if the hobby goes for a while, don't let it die... Crying
Agreed. People can be so ignorant/dumb sometimes. My 10th grade english teacher once said that if you just accept the fact that people are stupid, many things will make sense (or something to that effect. It's been 2 years... Razz )
I can absolutely see why people would steal calculators, even when it's the dumbest thing imaginable. A couple days ago my moms car also got broken into and the people took everything they could find that they thought was of value. They took some assorted things, but the best part comes next. The car had tv installed in it, and it was run by a super barely working machine that had frayed wires. It still worked if you pushed the wires together, so it was sorta fine. The thieves ripped out the box, leaving the ends of the wires still in their plugs torn straight off, and didn't even bother to steal the remote. This just shows how smart people that raid cars truly are.
So please, don't let some total idiots ruin what you love, and keep on doing what you enjoy.
That's absolutely terrible! I really hope the police catch them. I have to agree with Argus
Argus wrote:
So please, don't let some total idiots ruin what you love, and keep on doing what you enjoy.
As long as you have your programs backed up to your computer, you still have your calculator's ROM for CEmu you can develop on! Also, the Edition Python and the Nspire II aren't too common in the US. If you notice someone in your area selling an Edition Python, you might want check them out.
I understand it sucks to lose the physical calculators, and I really hope you get them back.
Good luck.

Some idiot stole calculators. We a really do live in a messed up world. It sucks that some people either can't understand or can't respect the personal value of things and that the vast majority of people, who are good and trustworthy, have to suffer as a result.

As Argus and TLM wrote, don't let that idiot ruin your hobby; it sounds like you still have some older calcs to use, and I really hope the stolen ones get returned.
Where was your parents' car when the crime happened?
Do you think there could be some potential witnesses?

If you think there's anything that could testify to the identity of the thief, don't lose hope, and try to use that info as quickly as possible.

Seeing that you have a good idea of when the crime happened, chances are the police will find them if they leave any traces.
Iím sorry to hear this, considering how important I know my calculators are to me, then knowing how much longer youíve been in the community working on these calculators and building up your collection. Like a lot of others have said, donít let this kill your hobby. Hopefully the police investigation will succeed. If it doesnít, something like happened with the republicattak YouTube channel could be done. Start up a fund, and good people will hopefully help you restore your collection. Good luck.
I'm so sorry to hear about that! I hope everything can turn out for the best. I can only imagine how livid and sad I'd be if someone stole mine. Sad
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