As seen in the archives, Kerm's 3D Graphing program is in the 84 PCE basic archives. The issue is (that I'm having at least), is that I can use it once, then any other time I try to launch it, it throws me an invalid dimension error.

Kerm, are there any possibility to get this fixed, since the 84 PCE is much faster then the 84 PCSE, resulting in a much faster graphing experience.
Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I'm having the same issue on my CE, as well as it drawing very slowly the few times it actually works... I noticed the last time Graph3d for CE was updated was 2015, is it a dead project now?
Well sure it's slow, it's written in TI-BASIC. Unfortunately there's no faster alternatives for the CE.

The program is working perfectly fine for me, could you please explain what's not working for you? Are you getting an error? Does it just not display the equation you inputted?
I'm getting an Invalid Dimension error when trying to graph fairly simple objects like a unit sphere (z=sqrt(1-x^2-y^2)), or an oblong (z=sqrt(100-4x^2-25y^2)).
Posting this here so that others can find it in the future, this was fixed in IRC yesterday.

The issue here is that the program expects you to give it a function with one (real) output, just like TI-OS for 2d graphing.

If you plug in the equation of a circle into TI-OS, it only draws half of it (a semicircle). Likewise, if you plug in the equation of a sphere into Kerm's grapher, it will only draw half of it (a hemisphere).

Additionally, the program will crash if your equation emits a complex value. This can be mitigated by making sure your calculator isn't in Real mode, and inserting the token real( at the front of your equation. You can find it in the [math] menu, inter the subheading "IMAG".
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