Hello All.

Please be aware due to some recent trouble we had with someone trying to evade multiple bans due to exploit the server (including IP bans), we have moved the server over to a whitelist model instead of our usual setup. Unfortunately this will require a bit more upkeep from the staff to bring mask people, but will also allow up to vet and add people without being online at the time. We are also adjusting the default level for people joining the server to be Members and not spectators.

The staff have looked through the active list for members to pre-add them to the list, but we may have missed a name. If that is the case, please post in this topic with your Minecraft Name and a member of staff can add you back in.

We are also in the process of creating a standardized form that new members will be able to fill out to join the server prior to be adding to the whitelist. Please look for this in the coming days. Thank you for your cooperation.
My friends (old members) and I would love to play on the server again! Very Happy

Here are our usernames:


I hope we don't have to have a whitelist permanently Surprised . It kinda discourages people from joining.

I've add those users; time will tell if we're on a whitelist permanently. Originally the Cemetech Minecraft server was for us to have another game to play together. We kept it open so that others could join, though we kept a greylist so we had some degree of protection from our public server.

While we've successfully had others join the server and be constructive, it's a lot of work for the server mods to consistently vet interested players before adding them to our greylist.

So, we'll see what the next steps are.
Could I also be whitelisted?
Edit: username is ckosmic
Just learned that a Cemetech server exists, and I'm pleasantly surprised! Laughing
Username: DoorStoppyThing
May I also be whitelisted? Username: Sharktooth_296
I have a friend that was interested in joining. His username is TrashiestBoi.
Just wondering if I could be whitelisted too. I used to play on this server a while ago and am looking to get back into it. User: PiggyWiggyBacon
Hey could you please add me as well
Echo__Omega (it has double underscore)
Hey, I've been on cemetech for quite a while and I'd really love to hop on the mc server. I'm a long time vet of both mc and cemetech so why not combine the two? My username is benjamin21302.

Hey, I had been playing on the server for a few days before you moved to whitelist a few months back. Could you add my account? Username: bailwillharr
Echo__Omega, benjamin21302, and bailwillharr you guys have been added. Not sure if you were before
Haven't played on server ever, would like to join.
My username is THECREEPER_2000
MoonBeam wrote:
Echo__Omega, benjamin21302, and bailwillharr you guys have been added. Not sure if you were before

could I get my brother nickaa827 added too pls and thank you

ps I would also like to know how to get into the discord
Go to this link for the discord server: https://www.cemetech.net/news.php?id=903
My friend oldnewtimer showed me the cemetech mc server and was hoping I could play on it (my account is under18please)
I have always wanted to join, but didn't have Java till now, can I join? My username is jwendel28
I played on the server a little bit years ago but would like to join again. My username is KellerGamerz. Thanks!
Hi I am a friend of john35588, I would love to be on the server, could I join? my username is flag4, thanks!
Could I get added? Username Unicorn808_.
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