Since the voting for Cemetech Contest 22 has concluded, it's time to review the results!

In third place, we have LogicalJoe's entry Splat. Congratulations!

BasicTH's Sketch Maze took second place. Well done!

The winner of Cemetech Contest 22 is commandblockguy's program Tower Defense CE! Congratulations!

Other impressive entries included Dungeon by Pieman7373, Skills Parkour by slimeenergy, and DR0VE by epsilon5. Great job, guys!

CC22 userbars will be handed out to the winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as those awarded an honorable mention. The userbars are available below:




Congratulations to all of you! I had fun participating and competing with you in this contest (which was actually my first Razz)! Very Happy
Congratulations to the winners! Don't let winning or losing stop you from improving your programs! I look forward to the next contest.
The results seem pretty fair. The places mostly matched my ratings of the programs, which makes since, considering other people have similar opinions to mine.

I could not stop playing Tower Defense during AP Chemistry today. I thought my chemistry teacher would take my calculator from me.

JPL4 was my second favorite, although it had some visual bugs (very obvious when played, and probably easy to fix).

I liked all of the programs. They were all fun. The hardest one to learn for me was Sketch Maze. There were so many rules, but it turned out to be my third favorite.

Congratulations on all of the programs, you guys. Even if you didn't win, I bet your programs will get a ton of downloads, and it's your effort that makes it count. Also, now you guys (the programmers) know how to make your programs better (from the reviews).

Good Job Everyone. Smile Smile Smile
Winners, you will now see shiny new awards on your profile in posts, telling everybody that you're a Winner.
RogerWilco wrote:
Congratulations to all of you! I had fun participating and competing with you in this contest

Same, even if AP's did push my entry out of the window, it was still fun, creating an idea. I think I'll rewrite my entry in C, keeping all the contest-related features, and just release it as a normal program.
I do wish for a CC23: Powerplants though Razz

I'd make the contest, if I knew how and actually had the guts/time/permission from my parents (they think I program too much)...
SM84CE wrote:

I do wish for a CC23: Powerplants though Razz

Heh... If that were the next contest, I might try to make a game where you play as one of the four members of the original Kraftwerk lineup Razz
by powerplants I meant power generation systems Razz

Should've clarified, sorry to break hopes...
SM84CE wrote:
by powerplants I meant power generation systems Razz

Should've clarified, sorry to break hopes...

No worries, I know what you meant. Razz
Although I could try to make a Guitar Hero-like game where you need to keep a nuclear power plant running by playing songs from Kraftwerk's Radio-Activity album Very Happy
Special thanks to tr1p1ea, who probably would have won if his entry was allowed for this contest... Razz
Thank you all! Congratulations commandblockguy and BasicTH for placing ahead of me. It was an honor to compete alongside all of you, and I hope to be able to do it again soon.
Personally, my favorite entry was BasicTH's Sketch Maze (I like puzzle games, don't judge me).

I put the userbar in my signature as soon as it was available.
If anyone wants a 4th place userbar or something, I could pull it off (though I don't know if it wouldn't be allowed!) never mind.Wink
Winners, placers, participants, and supporters: Great job! I'm really impressed with how many entries we had, and how creative and feature-complete the entries were; you really stepped up, especially compared to past contests. I think we also have to give a huge round of applause to _iPhoenix_ for basically singlehandedly thinking of the idea for this contest, answering people's questions, writing the news articles, coordinating voting, and everything else that goes into running a community contest. Bravo!

Tari: Thank you for beating me to it!

LogicalJoe: May I recommend that you put the CC22 userbar next to your RUBEX userbar, so it can be seen without getting cut off? Smile

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that comic helped to come up with the idea. I guess he's pretty cool too.
Thanks to everyone who voted for me in CC22. I really appreciate it. I'm happy that I got an honorable mention.

EDIT- When will CC23 be?
My personal reflections on the contest:

That was a whole lot of fun. I learned a whole lot from that experience- thank you to Kerm for letting me have this opportunity , everyone who entered, and all the people who voiced some opinion on the various rules that were tweaked during the contest.

Congratulations to everyone who completed an entry, particularly to those who won!
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