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I tried looking at Casio's Tech Specs sheet and at Planet Casio and TI-Planet, but I couldn't seem to find the CPU type and its clock speed. I was wondering if anyone knew what it could be?
I'm curious because I was running a summation benchmark (starting at 0, going to 100,000 by x^2) and, surprisingly, the Casio beat my HP Prime G2 at it (.32 seconds vs .92 seconds). However it was slower at the simpler calculations (like 1+1) so I was wondering if the CPU was better than the Prime's or if it was something Casio did with the OS that makes the calculation speeds wonky.
I would assume that the difference in speed between simple and complex equations has to do with the efficiency of the interpreter. The interpreter on each calc probably has to work about as hard to do a summation as to do 1+1, though the actual calculation is obviously faster for 1+1.

I don't know much about Casio calcs, but if I had to guess, I would say that the CG500 uses a SuperH SH-7305, the same as the CP400.

According to this thread, CASIO doesn't make this info publicly available. It also listed a clock speed of 54 MHz, though there is no source for this number, and I have found nothing else to back it up.
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