Im in highschool and own a ti 84 plus ce.
Im trying to write a program that will let me and my friends find the missing angles and sides and other stuff for triangles. However currently its a bunch of checklist they have to complete, telling the calculator what kind of angles are given and filling them in. I want to try to shorten the process by just having like a prompt thing that asks for 3 sides, and 3 angles, and they fill in as much as they can (what is given) and the calculator figures out the rest if possible. Without having them to tell it to use law of cosines, then its a sas triangle, and angle c is given, and other crap like that. I dont know how to make prompts that you dont have to fill out, or logic stuff. Its currently a very long mess of if statements and by the time they navigate through it they could have probably solved it themselves :/. Idk plz help. Smile
Have a nice day,
Welcome to the forums I is Rabbit.

I believe there may be some programs on ticalc.org that could help you. Particularly in the math section:


If you search the page for triangle you might be able to find something that suits your needs.

BASIC programs for other TI-84 line calcs would also mostly work, but might have some display quirks due difference between the monochrome and colour models.
You probably want something like this: https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/465/46539.html
The one Mateo recommended will get the job done, but it has 7 subprograms.

A better right triangle solver: https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/466/46648.html
Any triangle solver (law of sines and cosines): https://www.reddit.com/r/ti84hacks/comments/9xqa46/are_there_any_programs_i_can_install_that_would/
Over the summer I made a program that does exactly what you are looking for as well as draws an accurate model of the triangle. I'm about 99% sure it solves every triangle correctly. The link is http://ceme.tech/DL1803
To answer your questions about prompts you don't have to fill out, thought, you could just ask the user to enter in 0's or -1's for things they don't know (as those will probably never be the sides or angles of a triangle), and then check which ones are 0's or -1's with if statements to determine what law you need to calculate for. Something like:


Input "ANGLE A: ", D
Input "ANGLE B: ", E
Input "ANGLE C: ", F
Input "SIDE A: ", A
Input "SIDE B: ", B
Input "SIDE C: ", C
If A=0
  "you are not given side A, so do what you can without it"
  If B=0
    "look at the angles and determine what to do with side C"
    If C=0
      "look at the angles and determine what to do with side B"
      "you have both sides B and C, look at angles here"
  "you have side A, look at other sides and angles here too"
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