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I am a new cemetech user, but I know TI Basic and am learning ICE. I am in the process of making a 3D Minecraft game. So far, all I have is menus: PLAY, OPTIONS, STORE (YES! I will be making a fully functional store!), and of course, QUIT. Play menu is not working as of now, but a pop-up screen shows. The only thing functioning, for now, is PLAYER NAME in OPTIONS. I can work on the menus, but I will need a 3D Engine in ICE for the TI 84 Plus CE.

Anyone want to help with a 3D Minecraft Engine?? Please comment and help to make a game-changing project! Thank you all!

Oh by the way, I will upload screenshots soon! Maybe an hour or so.
TheMachine02 is currently making a 3d engine in assembly, but I don't think it has ICE support yet (or maybe ever). Both BeckadamTheInventor and c4ooo are currently working on similar projects (albeit slowly), so they might be resources for you. Also please edit instead of double posting Very Happy .
ICE is powerful, but not that powerful. I know no assembly WHATSOEVER.
Ok thanks ya'll
Welcome to Cemetech! As mentioned, there's no 3D engine for ICE yet, and it's an extraordinarily hard task to make one. You may find it useful to explore simple isometric projection (instead of perspective projection), since you can draw that much more easily with simple shapes. You may even want to start with a 2D version and work your way up from there. Good luck!
Thanks Kerm. I always look forward to hearing from you. Your games are an inspiration and your games have actually encouraged me to begin programming!
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