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Finally got around to spending some time moving forward on this! Some quick updates!!

I've gone through the code, formatting the files properly after I wrongly began placing code in header files. Things are done properly now, with code in .c files, prototypes and equates in .h files.

I also revamped the GUI slightly. The part of the GUI that is meant to be the interior of the ship is now a silvery greyish blue, the viewscreen remains black, and the LCARS tabs are now a deeper grey (screenshots to follow). Additionally, navigating the LCARS system is a bit different now. There is no tab for the viewscreen... that's default. There's a tab for Tactical (Shields and Weapons), Status (Core systems), Transport (subject to change), Power (all systems except Warp Core), and Map (which will display sensor range). You may switch tabs freely but to return to the viewscreen (see into space), simply tap on the key for the tab you have open again and it will close.

Some Features:
I'll also be changing the way the power system works. The warp core is now the sole source of power on the ship. Each module has a reserve power battery. A module draws power from its reserve battery. Some only drain when used, some drain constantly. Each power cycle, a module will request its default power from the Core. For example, a module that drains constantly will drain AND gain 5 power units per cycle, leaving its power at 100%. Once all modules are powered, any remaining power is wasted (you may install a reserve power module to save any leftover power, in the event of a warp core being destroyed)

As you know, modules may be given additional power. This can be done during combat to enhance your weapons and shields, or to enhance your Warp Drive speed to help you escape a battle you are losing. However, when a module is set to higher than default power levels, it will continue to refill at its default power draw. As a consequence, eventually, an overloaded module will run out of power and fail. This is called a burnout. This is designed to counterbalance the effect of overusing this feature to indefinitely give yourself an advantage. A module that "burns out" will not work again until its power level rises above 25%.

A few other things (long term): It will be possible to mine asteroids and loot destroyed ships for resources, like titanium and deuterium and other Trek-ish things. During battle, or after battle, you may expend resources to repair damaged systems. If you get disabled with no resources, you'll have to wait for a friend to deliver you some. Destroyed ships will also give you, rarely, a damaged tech module (like a weapon, shield, or core system) that you can install and repair or sell at a starbase.
This project sounds really cool. I can't believe this is the first time I stumbled across this thread.
LAX18 wrote:
This project sounds really cool. I can't believe this is the first time I stumbled across this thread.
Thanks! And yea, I alternate between periods of progress and stagnation due to my work schedule changing.

New screenshot: Icons rather than flashing word bars for alerts. Current alerts are shield status, ship status, power, and torpedo. For the two on the left, shield and ship, they monitor your ship systems. The default for a system in good health is green. If a system is damaged (below 50%), the indicator will become red. For the shield icon, the green outline of the ship represents the shield. For the ship icon, the whole ship is the icon.

The power icon will turn red with EITHER the reserve battery of any module OR the reserve power module (if installed) drops below 50%. The torpedo icon will turn red when a torpedo module runs out of a torpedo type that it is configured to fire.

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