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Although useful, wouldn't a wiki page, like what the ICE docs are on, be more appropriate than a topic? I say this since the wiki is easily editable by anyone, so they don't have to get permission before adding something, I would think it'd be easier to manage, and doesn't it have better search functions than normal topics?
Hey, I'm trying to change color palette but I couldn't find any documentation or tutorial on how to use det(4.
I need to use rgb332 palette to render a sprite. Can someone tell me how to use det(4?
IIRC, the custom palatte is for ConvPNG output. If you want to make sprites in RGB331, I suggest making a sprite on computer then converting it through ConvPNG as Mateo added rgb332 support and output of palatte.

If there is another way, I am sure PT_ will post it.
Well, that's what I'm doing, the sprite data is created using convPNG but when I output as xlibc, the sprite glitches. However it works on rgb332 but the colors aren't good, when I display sprite using ICE. You suggest me to output palette with convPNG and change palette with det(4) ?
ConvPNG should give you the palette, and you can specify what palette, IIRC. If not, try not specifying the palette at all. See if that works.
Nevermind, I found where the problem came from, and it was me. ConvPNG and ICE are working fine. Rolling Eyes
Thats good Tengento. What exactly did you do wrong? I would like to know for future reference.
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