I have released version 1.1 which is really a small update, but I have added a cool new feature.

In this version, you can now customize the roughness or smoothness of the world. Think of it like this:
-Position - You have the position of each block (on the surface)
-Slope - You have the maximum slope, or maximum rise and fall in Y position.
-Roughness - This is the maximum change in slope.

This reminds me of calculus, haha. But anyways, if you customize the roughness to 0, you will get a completely flat world. If you customize the roughness to 1, you can get rising and falling hills, but the slope will not change drastically; the slope can go from 1 to 2 to 3 for example, or something like 1 to 0 to -1. If you increase the roughness even more, the maximum change in slope increases, and the world likely starts looking more and more chaotic.

An Example of Roughness Level 1 (the smoothest you can get, besides a flat world)

An Example of Roughness Level 7 (maximum is 9) (generated with lava instead of water this time)

Try it out for yourself, as the update has now been accepted to the archives.
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