After flying around in creative mode, I found some of the new features in the 1.10 update. Can't wait for the server to update with the new goodies Very Happy

I can't wait to wrestle some polar bears, and I'm thrilled that there's finally a block that you can build with bones (and nether wart). As I was saying on IRC, the Magma blocks are extremely cool, because they will emit light at the last level at which they were illuminated, making them programmable lights. As always, the Cemetech Minecraft server will update as soon as Spigot is stable, and all of our plugins work with the new update. I expect EggCatcher and TerrainControl to be the iffiest plugins.
Woah, they released that quite fast! Does it seem like there is a little less new items than in other updates...
Honestly, they released a lot more with this one then with the 1.9 update, I think. At least, it's more broad ranged in what it offers.

Can't wait to see the server jump to this new update!
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