I only have one calculator from this family (French Premium equivalent) so not sure how new mini-USB to mini-USB cable works - do they use some subset of USB pinout to mimic some 3-Pin interface similar to Prizm's 3-pin cable connection? Or something else? I understands how Prizm's rather limited UART works and can work around it for different applications but would love to know if something similar giving serial interface (TX, RX, GND) is built into TI's new calculator still please and what is known about it so far please.
It's straight-up USB, presumably OTG. No nice easy serial interface.
Thanks for replying here, Tari.

I made a mistake when writing the post I got confused and said it was micro-usb port - it is definitely mini USB port.

I also have a mini-USB A to mini-USB B cable which I believe came with this calculator and I cannot imagine I ever had anything else with the need for such a cable.

Also I only noticed it had A and B written on the respective ends of the cable because i was surprised to observe that when switched off the calculator would turn on automatically only if the A end was plugged into it, not B.

I wonder if it gives hope for some serial interface still so let me know if you have more thoughts or perhaps some brief conclusion why there is no such a hope please
The name USB says it: Universal Serial Bus. The TI-83+CE already has a serial port, the USB port. What exactly is it you want to do? Do you want to do custom calc-to-calc communication, or custom calc-to-PC communication? The former can be implemented using a rudimentary subset of the USB protocol. (That is, you could do it with a dirty-but-functional hack.) The latter, however, will either require the calculator to pretend to be a regular USB-to-RS232/UART adapter, or to act as host to a regular USB-to-RS232/UART adapter. Either would require a real USB protocol implementation. Fortunately, there's already C source code for a Linux driver for the calculator's USB IP core, so it will probably be a lot easier to get USB going on the eZ80 models, once somebody who understands USB is motivated to look at it.

I would like to create a calculator to calculator uart connection to transmit and receive strings or similar things between them, the closest thing in public domain so far is flourish add in for prizm.

So something using this type of communication is what I wanted to be able to experiment with. I'm hoping to make it be able to potentially communicate not only with other CE calculators but possibly other Ti and Casio calculators (presumably via 3-pin port) please. The above reply gives me a hope it is possible but i may totally misunderstand it...

Sorry for being confused
The only supported signaling protocol is USB, so you can only do a direct connection to calculator models with a USB port. A USB adapter (such as the Silverlink) would be needed to support other protocols. In any case, you'll need to read up on the USB protocol. I don't think you can manually toggle the D+ and D- lines to create your own protocol.
thanks for making it clearer to me
has any one come across compatibility table showing what calculator to calculator connections are supported by ti-84+ce - i don't have any older calculators but wonder which ones support i/o cable vs usb communication etc please
It should work with any calculator that has a USB port itself, using USB on both ends. I/O linking will not work, even if you were to use a Silverlink (for example) and some USB adapters.
Thanks for this explanation
And the default protocol used by TI-Z80, TI-eZ80 and TI-89T calculators (some differences between all three families, but the general packet format is the same) is well documented by now, the reference third-party implementation being libticalcs.
Of course, given direct access to USB hardware and the calculator's USB stack, you can implement other USB protocols. See, for instance, MSD8x for the TI-Z80, BrandonW's Linky for the 89T, or even the custom direct USB ROM dumping format used by libticalcs for the TI-Z80 and 89T calculators, but not yet for the TI-eZ80 series.
Has anyone ever exapnaded calculators memory via usb or serial interface on Ti calculators yet.

I ordered myself sparkfun autologer to see if I could achieve this on casio prizm allowwing copying files from and possibly to microsd card etc, only over serial interface as feel comfortable with it after using it for other purposes before. Where there similar projects for TI calculators using i/o or usb ports before? I am still too unfamiliar with any coding for usb stuff...

Thanks in advance
It's been done, but never really caught on. I think Ben Ryves might have done something with the serial port on the TI-83+. The TI-84+ has USB8X, which provides FAT32 support for USB flash drives, but due to the use of fixed delays (instead of responding to interrupts), it only works with Lexar flash drives.

It should be much, much easier to get USB flash drives working on the TI-84+CE thanks to C support, but only ones that don't need too much power; the calculator can only supply half a watt (the standard for USB OTG devices), while modern high-speed flash drives might expect to be able to pull the full 2.5 watts allowed by USB2.0.
Thanks, DrDnar, for very informative reply
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