Just been messing with the Unity game engine (I was building my own but thought I would check theirs out) this passed week and came up with a Minecraft inspired survival shooter minigame (sort of inline with Halloween) as mentioned below.

Its on the play store but it could use some testing, I am worried about particles on some chipsets.

Its pretty simple, you just need to survive for as long as possible killing as many enemies as you can.

Here is a video and play store link:


Let me know what you think! Happy to take any ideas on board.

Note that there is an advertisement in this game that only shows when you are dead. Im happy to send through an ad-less apk for anyone who wants.

How long did it take you to make it?
I wish I could try it but only apple devices exist in my house :-/
It took me about a week to make, just in my spare time after work. I originally followed some tutorials and this game is pretty similar to one of them (although it's my own work and stuff).

Unity is pretty good for rapid development, though I dont fully agree with their scripting structure.

Just a bit of fun really. There is a possibility of an iOS build as well down the track.
I'll try it out, it seems pretty cool. But do you mind sending me the apk without ads?
This is pretty awesome! Is that joystick controls in the lower left and right corners? By the way, I do like the look of that pumpkin block. Smile
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