Hey every one it's Spud again. Over the past 3 days i have been playing A LOT of Minecraft. A few things I've worked on are redstone RAM, sign based password locks, and a sign based server console for players with out op. With all those things being nice and dandy, I'm actually here to focus on a map that I've been workring on called Fantasy Island. This map has no purpose yet other than to look cool but I'll think of something. The main reason I wanted to share this is so people can do what they want with the map before I turn it into something. For those of you interested here are some screen shots.

Just wanted to post some better pics of this build.

spud2451 wrote:
and a sing based computer server console for players with out op.

Since when do you want to build a sing-based server???
Oops let me change that. But do you at let like the map?
nice indeed, if I had pictures that Cemetech allows me to view (https)

Oh, and I at let like the map as well.
The pics look nice with shaders (and I hope I am a good help with the server!)
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