So a few days ago my old power supply decided not to cooperate with me, so I got a new one.
Now I got a new issue, my computer freezes with random vertical lines and I have to turn restart it to fix it. Sometimes it goes straight to BSOD but doesn't create any dump files for me to read.

My old PSU was pretty much an overkill with 1000W so now I went with 750 W corsair PSU which should be enough (?).

Any ideas how to track down the issue and fix it?


Intel i7-3770k
Corsair Hydro H100
Asus HD7970 dcii
Asus maximus IV extreme
2x 2 TB HDD
1x Corsair 256GB SSD
Corsair RM750 W
Without knowing the rest of the specs of the computer, we can't really tell you if the new PSU is sufficient.
Sorry, specs:

Intel i7-3770k
Corsair Hydro H100
Asus HD7970 dcii
Asus maximus IV extreme
2x 2 TB HDD
1x Corsair 256GB SSD
Corsair RM750 W
Try running the PC without the graphics card. If the issues stop, the PSU is insufficient. Is there a whining noise from the PSU when the PC is running normally? Overdrawn PSUs are typically quite vocal...
The thing is that it happens randomly, it runs normally for 1-2 hours and then suddenly it freezes but I can still hear the sounds for 2-3 seconds.
Can't hear any whining sounds from the PSU.

Just ran a stress test on the GPU and nothing happened, temps were fine and it didn't freeze.
Try running a GPU stress test and a CPU stress test at the same time. I would use Prime95 to test the CPU. Possibly both at full load is too much?
Ran Furmark & Prime95, both at full load for 10 minutes and turned all fans to 100% for maximum power consumption, but no crash.
I wouldn't think 10 minutes is sufficient to test. What you're describing could be anything from CPU issues to overheating to rare memory issues. In addition to those two benchmarks, give a long (multi-hour) MemTest86 test a try.
That's worrying. Something might have gotten damaged when your old PSU kicked the bucket, probably the motherboard. Unfortunately, the motherboard usually protects other components from power surges but not usually itself. Do you have another computer you could test components in?
Got another crash while rendering an image, this time I was lucky enough to get 2 error messages before it froze. 2 of my background programs crashed with error saying

"....application error....the memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate the program".

Seems like something has happened to my RAM when my PSU died.
Time for that multi-hour Memtest86 test!

DAY 2:

- Ran a 4 hour Memtest86 test last night and got zero errors.
- Computer works for 1-2 hours then freezes again.
- Took out all RAM and cleaned the motherboard.

Could a loose cable make the PC freeze with horizontal lines on the screen?
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