Anybody that knows some javascript want to help me out?
I had my html file and it is linked to my .js and it was working perfectly, everything showing up on the screen, although I was using confirm( ) and prompt( ) a ton. I tried my .html after a bit of editing, now nothing will show up. So I tried it with a new .js file and only had confirm( " Show up? "); and still nothing. Anybody know why?
This is my .html (really simple, I'm pretty sure nothing is wrong with it)


<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>CYOA-Daniel T</title>
      <script type="text/javascript" src="NCYOA.js"></script>

Here is the .js file: (a basic text adventure game for my little brother)

... Message1 + Location [0] + ...

NAE, but a seemingly innocuous space before the bracket there.
Hmm, I fixed both of those and still nothing. As I said before I tried it on a blank .js file except for


comfirm( "Work!");

And even that didn't show up. I'm not sure it is a problem with my .js code but rather my browser? My CSS shows up as well. Just no javascript.
I loaded your source into Firefox and opened the Error Console (Ctrl+Shift+J), and it gave me this:

Timestamp: 7/10/2013 7:55:19 PM
Error: SyntaxError: missing ; before statement
Source File: file:///[...]/NCYOA.js
Line: 22, Column: 16
Source Code:
var Enemy_Names ("Goblin","Skeleton","Orc","Dark Knight","Demon","Dragon","G

It needs an equals sign, it looks like.
The prompts and confirms at the beginning aren't "triggering", even after I fixed the =new Array(blah); code bit. The while loop I have in there isn't looping either. It feels as if it is ignoring my whole .js file.
The next error is on line 128. Why not give the Error Console a whirl?
That sounds smart, I'll go hit that for a while.
Well thanks to Weregoose, it works again. I'll be sure to use that debugger more often before asking lame questions! Thanks.
I reached the King!
After fixing several rather annoying bugs with the help of Weregoos I have an update it includes:
-fixed enemy ambush rate (may be too much)
-different objects, depending on location.
-fixed attack code
*try the wizard out because he has a healing spell (;
Nope wizard doesn't work. I'll fix that for v.02
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