I've thought about this before but it's a little more feasible now for me. In a couple of months or so, when I have some more money, I'm looking into writing video games for the Arduino Uno I have thats not really doing anything right now. The way I see it, I need:
    Video output
    Keyboard input
    Memory (SD Card, probably) I/O

I know there's a shield for SD cards, and this thing for a PS/2 keyboard, but I'm still undecided about how I shold do Video output. TVout seems like the best bet, just based on what I've seen so far. Especially this, scroll down a little and someone seems to have made a video game shield; at any rate, I'm probably not going to use that, I want to make my own.

Anyways, what do you think? Am I forgetting something? If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them.
If aiming for games then I'd recommend taking a look at the Uzebox for ideas.
The PS/2 keyboard thing is pretty easy to use. I also have an analog stick, much like the PlayStation's, it's pretty handy for making games and is also easy to use.

For video output, I usually use this little 128x64 monochrome LCD (similar to the TI-85 series) or else you can try VGA or something. There's also those color LCDs with integrated SD card readers on sale in some shops. And yeah, SD card readers is a must for memory.

Anyway, you can always look around your local electronics shop and see what they offer.
Juju, what model of LCD do you use?
I'd guess he's got something like this model from Sparkfun. It's a pretty easy piece of kit to talk to, and the protocol will probably be familiar if you've ever communicated with the 83+ series' T6A04 (and derivatives thereof).
I'm more interested in getting it to connect to a TV, I think, although it having its own screen could be pretty cool. Has anyone had any experience with the TVout lib here, or in connecting an Arduino to a TV at all?
Benryves has done extensive work on connecting things to TVs, such as an AVR, for a simple game console, a TI-83+, and two unfinished projects. It certainly would be a fun exercise in proper use of interrupts and such to get something like that working.
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