2012-03-08 Maintained the About page, including out-dated staff portraits, and replaced (potentially spammy) expired links with appropriately dated redirects to archive.org.
2012-03-11 Put the Complete TI-BASIC Tutorial in the proper site styling
2012-03-11 Added a brief note to the Tutorial pointing to my book project page.
2012-04-16 Header section images modified to use pure CSS for hovering instead of Javascript. This repaired half of the Opera scroll-to-top bug.
2012-04-17 Backed up and deleted Multiplicity database and files after taking screenshots of two versions
2012-04-17 Deleted multiplicity.cemetech.net subdomain
2012-04-17 Screenshotted and deleted the CPX (Calculator Programming eXposition) mockup
2012-04-17 Deleted cpx.cemetech.net subdomain
2012-04-17 Deleted defunct doorscs.cemetech.net subdomain
2012-04-17 Deleted ./dcsinternal/ directory; source no longer public
2012-04-17 Backed up and deleted inactive WorldTrends / WorldTrends2 project for future resumption.
2012-04-17 Deleted old _doorscs MySQL database; was used for old in-house Doors CS version/feature/bug tracker

2012-04-17 Imported United-TI members and forum categories tables
2012-04-17 Deleted 13906 non-posting United-TI users, leaving 1886 posting users.

2012-04-17 Replaced Links button on top toolbar with Tools button

2012-04-17 Imported 138K UnitedTI posts in just under 7K topics, pending sorting and cleaning.
2012-04-18 Scripted and templated a United-TI forum index
2012-04-18 Scripted and templated a viewforum for the United-TI forum
2012-04-19 Scripted and templated a viewtopic for the United-TI forum
2012-04-20 Created tool to link United-TI and Cemetech accounts
2012-04-21 Deleted 2193 spam posts in 854 topics from the United-TI "Trash Can" subforum
2012-04-21 Deleted the subforum 'Trash Can' and its category 'Trash Can' as well.
2012-04-22 Added blurb at beginning of UTI topic view pages
2012-04-22 Replaced all IBF emoticons with their proper equivalents.
2012-04-22 Posts table down to -1-1-9-M-B- -1-0-3-M-B- 97MB
2012-04-22 Fixed some font size tags in UTI database
2012-04-22 Implemented the [color="color"], [font=], [goose], [left], [right], and [center] tags (for UTI only)
2012-04-22 Further improved render of unusually-encoded UTI [quote] tags.
2012-04-23 Added snippet promoting "Programming the TI-83+/84+" to the SourceCoder 2.5 main, view, and edit templates.
2012-04-23 Coded and skinned the United-TI profile pages, including promoting the tool to link UTI and Cemetech accounts.
2012-04-24: Added link to user profile within "Welcome back, [USER]" when logged in.
2012-04-26 Fixed broken centering and ID card in user profiles
2012-04-26 Added rudimentary UTI account info display to Cemetech profiles. Still lacking join date and title, need to update the links database.

2012-04-27 Fixed MSN image in profiles (again)
2012-04-27 Fixed user word count display in profiles
2012-04-27 Fixed user graph display so it gets scaled down only, never up.
2012-04-28 Fixed UTI "showuser" redirect to United-TI archives
2012-04-28 Repaired divide-by-zero/infinite run glitch in profile posts-per-day graphs
2012-04-28 Switch user graphs to have a maroon trace
2012-04-28 Removed X-axis date stamps from user graphs

2012-04-28 Weregoose promoted to TI-BASIC moderator.
2012-04-28 Chipmaster (inactive member) demoted from z80 ASM moderator.
2012-04-28 Xeda112358 promoted to z80 ASM moderator.
2012-04-28 Grammer subforum created in Member Features.
2012-05-02 All "Casio Prizm" folders in the Cemetech archives retitled to"Casio Prizm (fx-CG10/fx-CG20)".
2012-05-04 Renewed http://cemete.ch for another year
2012-05-04 Implemented lang_meta.php, which provides semi-customized meta descriptions/keywords for different sections of the site. Further differentiation is pending.
2012-05-15 Renewed the domain for another year.
2012-05-16 The Doors CS wiki and WikiPrizm going down for a brief MediaWiki upgrade
2012-05-16 Doors CS wiki and WikiPrizm upgraded successfully. SAX integration currently being pulled out into a real extension.
2012-05-16 PublishToSAX extension completed. Please post any bugs that you discover related to the upgrade or the extension.
2012-05-23 Improved security in the Photos module
2012-05-23 Added "idpass" feature to Photos module so that single albums may be shared with friends without Cemetech accounts.

2012-05-24 Allowed "weekposts" link to appear on forum index for logged-out users.
2012-05-24 Fixed a significant bug with the "all terms" feature of the site/forum search.

2012-05-24 Ability to list variables on calculator added to/fixed in jsTIfied
2012-05-25 Ability insert/update projects into/in SourceCoder via SC2 API added
2012-05-25 jsTIfied linked to SourceCoder, now able to load and save SourceCoder projects. Not yet embedded in SourceCoder.
2012-05-25 jsTIfied now able to send all kinds of files and variables to the client via the data URI system and a hidden iFrame. This does not properly let jsTIfied set the target file name and extension, so a server-mediated download will be implemented instead.
2012-05-25 Server-mediated API download method implemented
2012-05-26 Preliminary integration of jsTIfied into SourceCoder. Still needs a ton of work.
2012-05-26 Fixed SAX usage in jsTIfied/SC2
2012-05-26 Embedded jsTIfied in SourceCoder can now send the current program to SourceCoder
2012-05-26 SourceCoder can now send the current program to the jsTIfied embedded in SourceCoder

2012-05-28 Completed and published jsTIfied embedded in SC2

2012-05-29 Fixed bad token reporting in SourceCoder

2012-06-02 Fixed bad token reporting for Casio programs in SourceCoder
2012-06-02 Tentatively fixed encoding issues both PHP and JS-side preventing proper translation of multi-byte characters.

2012-06-03 Further fixed encoding/translation issues.

2012-06-04 Added United-TI to front-page "Highlights" box
2012-06-18 Set the m.cemetech domain as a permanent 301 redirect to www .cemetech to try to get it out of Google search results.

comic: Or, you could just remove the sub-domain since it's not used anymore.

kerm: I don't want to orphan the pages
2012-06-20 Modified [youtube] tag in Cemetech6 and Cemetech6m to allow full-screening of videos.
2012-07-15 Implemented better AppVar handling in SourceCoder 2.5 as per suggestions from parserp.
2012-07-31 Fixed grammatical error and factual inaccuracy in Archives upload form file-submitted response message.
2012-07-31 saxjax now currently uses the http://cemete.ch domain instead of TinyURL for accepted archives submissions.
2012-08-05 SourceCoder 2.5: Div with program/file/image contents starts expanded if only one item is parsed. For example, a program from a .8xp will start expanded, a group with one image will start expanded, but a group with 4 programs will start with each image contracted
2012-08-05 SourceCoder 2.5: To streamline the div show/hide function, dropped support for Internet Explorer 4, Internet Explorer 5, and Netscape Navigator 4/5/6.
2012-08-05 SourceCoder 2.5: "Expand all" and "Collapse all" buttons added at the top and bottom of the SC2 view page.
2012-08-05 SourceCoder 2.5: Anchor added to top of error display and top of editor textarea to streamline workflow when repeatedly clicking "Check Syntax" during editing.
2012-08-05 SourceCoder 2.5: Fixed program name not properly carried over from Parse->View to Editor when the Edit button was clicked.
2012-08-05 SourceCoder 2.5: Added tokens 0x62,0x37 through 0x62,0x3C to token table.
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