StrMid(Str 1, P, N)

This command extracts N characters after the position P.

You can also use StrLeft or StrRight.
Oh! Thank you so much! XD
EDIT: What's the difference between StrLeft and StrRight?
StrLeft(Str 1,N) returns the N first charaters of the string.

StrRight(Str 1,N) returns the N last charaters of the string.

You can do StrMid(Str 1,P,N)->Str 2 to extract a part of a string.
And ?->Str1 to enter a string.

To show a string, use the Exe-Mat menu in Linear mode.
Or display the string in a program with Locate 1,1,Str 1.

PS : I should add these commands to the wiki.
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