This was being worked for extended TI-BASIC but I decided to resume after zcontest. Now I'm starting this again from the scratch.

This will be the point and click game made with Axe/BASIC, but more focused for Axe. I only got the title screen done so far, but it's going along well.

Screenshot for title.

Can you edit your post or respond to give us more information? What genre of game will it be? What will the gameplay be like? Hybrid BASIC or Axe? How is it going so far?
Progress: I made it so you can skip the intro.
Also, screenshot for the new game. Very Happy
Looking good! By point-and-click, I see that you mean those adventure games. Have you seen one of the entries for Cemetech Contest (7? 6?) that used the DCS GUI functions for a point-and-click sort of game like that in BASIC?
Yes, I did. It's called Clash of Dimention, right? Very Happy
That game was amazing. Very Happy
Have you considered doing this as IF? It makes the game much more flexible, and would be a first. (There have been other versions, but they're mostly just "colossal cave" style games)
what is IF?
yeongJIN_COOL wrote:
what is IF?


A good repo of IF is at The IF Archive

A picture of a classic:

oh. so it's like "choose your own adventure" kind of stuff?
Basically (correct me if I'm wrong) yea. (If I'm wrong, overlook me Razz )
ah. I think it's too late to go for that because this is a sequel of already-made-and-have-a-storyline game (Silence. )
yeongJIN_COOL wrote:
oh. so it's like "choose your own adventure" kind of stuff?

yes, though even more importantly I think he was trying to point out the very optimal method of storing maps/rooms in an IF format, which limits how special they might be, but saves a lot of space and makes everything uniform. Basically, all rooms are connected by nodes to other rooms, and have object banks that have correlated actions/descriptions. Since Forty-Two knows a lot about this, I'll let him describe it further to you Smile
yeongJIN_COOL wrote:
oh. so it's like "choose your own adventure" kind of stuff?

No! Not at all! Let me illustrate with another screenie:

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