So I was reading some stuff on , when I discovered that the PSP can run C and C++ code. I was thinking, if your license allows it, could you compile a version of torque(1.5, T3D has no hope of running on a PSP) as a PSP homebrew EBOOT, along with a functionally identical PC/Mac build for development? It doesn't need to have any advanced freebuild features, just the basics the demo provides. You may be wondering "what does this have to do with freebuild?" Well I'll tell you. If you successfully created an easy-to-use script-powered game engine for the PSP, you'd become a legend in the psp hacking community. This popularity would then translate into a ten or hundred fold increase in hits on this site, and on freebuild in particular. Plus, talented scripters could write a more basic single-player or ad-hoc version of TBM/Freebuild for the PSP which would then lead more people here wanting more. I cbf to find it right now, but there is a tutorial on that details how to write software EBOOTs for the PSP if you're interested, and if you made use of the newly released master keys, players wouldn't even need custom firmware to run it.

Or I could be completely wrong and this whole idea is ridiculous, in which case I'm just talking out my ass
That would take a lot of work, and I'd rather elfprince finish making it for the computers first and then work on a portable version.
As far as I know, he'd just have to run a C++ compiler and compile the stock TGE engine as a PSP EBOOT, which there's documentation for. I could be wrong though.
I believe that Elfprince would have to port over a lot of graphics engine stuff and other libraries, which would be a huge undertaking, but I could be wrong. I'll wait for the final word from Thomas.
I don't know what processor the PSP uses but there's a decent bit of assembly in both the x86 and (now defunct) PPC builds of Torque. Probably some in the ARM builds as well, but I don't have access to iTorque. The real pain in the butt would be porting the platform layer that handles threading and stuff like that.

Also, the licensing issues would be huge.
The PSP uses a 333 MHz MIPS R4000 CPU, and is equipped with 64mb RAM. Have fun get Torque to run on that.
Svenne wrote:
The PSP uses a 333 MHz MIPS R4000 CPU, and is equipped with 64mb RAM. Have fun get Torque to run on that.
As Thomas mentioned above, the primary obstacle would be porting the ASM components of the engine before worrying about speed.
Ok then that's a no-go. I figured the licensing would be a big, if not the biggest problem, but I hadn't considered all the assembly-level stuff.
Also the other platform level stuff, like file management, threading, etc.
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