Omnimaga's first Pixel Art Contest is now live - and it will continue to be so for the following two weeks (August 22 - September 5), time in which you may post your sprites in this thread.

The theme of this contest is sprite design (chosen by you in the poll), and the character is a blob. The blob is usually the most common enemy in RPG games, and the easier to draw - as this is the first contest, I thought we'd start off easy.


You can use up to 4 levels of grayscale (black, dark gray, light gray, white), although monochrome and 3 level are just as welcome.

Your sprite can have a width of 8, 16, or 32 pixels, with a height no longer than 60 pixels.

You may submit as many sprites as you'd like.


Don't forget that the contest ends on September 5, so post your submissions by then!

Also, whether your submission(s) win or lose, you will continue to have exclusive rights on your own work. This contest only showcases Pixel Art.


The winner will be chosen by an open poll that will be posted on September 6.

The winner gets to name the subject of the next Omnimaga Pixel Art contest!


Don't forget that the goal of this contest is to have fun and interact with the community! You are free to critique each other's work as they go along and post it, but please do not be overly harsh! :thumb:


Please post all submissions in The Pixel Art Submissions thread and post all general comments in this news post.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Alex M. is in charge of the contest btw and on a side note:

:Lol: Very nice. I think I'll probably enter.
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