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xFiles is a program that manages programs, app vars, groups, and lists. It has the ability to extract program and appvar files in groups to either RAM or Archive. It can also back up and restore lists so you don't have to worry about losing TI-BASIC game data. You can also manage app vars too, and convert programs to app vars and vice versa. You can also execute most programs, but some of them require a shell specific to them in order to be run. xFiles has a user-friendly UI, so it's easy to read and select items. With memory in mind, I have accomplished my goal of keeping the size of this program to be under 10,000 bytes. Version 1.06 (newest), and is now a flash application. This program now has appvar editing, and will soon have the ability to launch the BASIC editor to edit programs.

Archive Contents

Name Size
xFiles/Screenshots/screenshot.png 596 bytes
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/3.png 1.8 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/4.png 2.7 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/2.png 2.0 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/image3.gif 298.6 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/5.png 1.8 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/image1.gif 500.8 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/1.png 2.2 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/Example 1.gif 668.2 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/6.png 708 bytes
xFiles/File Manager/Screenshots/image2.gif 560.0 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.88.2/MANAGER.8Xp 6.7 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.88.2/Updates.txt 1.7 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.82.3/MANAGER.8xp 6.6 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.82.3/MANAGER.8xg 6.7 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.85.9/New Updates.txt 1.6 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.85.9/MANAGER.8Xp 8.7 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/GROUP.8Xo 4.0 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/BATTERY.8Xp 991 bytes
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/BATTERY.8Xo 1.0 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/LIST.8Xo 2.6 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/STARTUP.8Xo 1.0 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/UNSQUISH.8Xo 1.3 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/SPAM.8Xo 905 bytes
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/About.txt 972 bytes
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/BasicOS/BasicOS 7.3 Example.gif 1.4 MB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/BasicOS/BASICOS.8xg 7.9 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/BasicOS/BASICOS.8xp 7.7 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Other files/BasicOS/Read Me.txt 3.2 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.84.1/MANAGER.8xp 7.2 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.84.1/GIFs/Demo 83+ 1.19.gif 500.8 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.84.1/GIFs/Demo 84+ 2.55MP.gif 560.0 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.84.1/GIFs/Demo 84+ 2.40.gif 298.6 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.84.1/MANAGER.8xg 7.3 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.87.5/Manager2.gif 830.4 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.87.5/MANAGER.8xp 7.0 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.87.5/New Updates.txt 974 bytes
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.87.5/Manager.gif 1.8 MB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 3.81/MANAGER.8xp 4.1 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 3.81/MANAGER.8xg 4.2 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.86.7/New Updates.txt 1012 bytes
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.86.7/MANAGER.8Xp 7.5 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Files to send/Ver 4.86.7/MANAGER.8Xo 7.7 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Text Files/Read Me First.txt 4.3 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Text Files/Source Code.txt 10.9 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Text Files/Updated Source Code.txt 19.4 KB
xFiles/File Manager/Text Files/About.txt 140 bytes
xFiles/Versions/1.01/xFilesUp.8Xv 10.4 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.02/xFilesUp.8Xv 10.6 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.03/xFilesUp.8Xv 12.4 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.03/1.03 Source.txt 18.3 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.00/1.00 source.txt 15.4 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.00/xFilesUp.8Xv 10.3 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.06/AXFILES.8xp 10.4 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.06/AC3INSTL.8xp 142 bytes
xFiles/Versions/1.06/Updates 966 bytes
xFiles/Versions/1.06/Trash 38.9 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.06/XFiles.8xk 13.4 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.05/blank.pdf 4.8 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.05/xFiles.pdf 313.3 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.05/XFILES.8xp 9.8 KB
xFiles/Versions/1.05/xFiles Demo.gif 1.1 MB
xFiles/Versions/1.05/XFiles.8xk 12.7 KB
xFiles/Text Documents (READ)/New Copy Method.txt 367 bytes
xFiles/Text Documents (READ)/xFiles Updates.txt 940 bytes
xFiles/Text Documents (READ)/Read Me.txt 11.6 KB
xFiles/Required Files/XFILESUP.8Xp 808 bytes
xFiles/Required Files/Why are these required.txt 755 bytes
xFiles/Required Files/CELTIC3.8xk 35.9 KB
xFiles/BasicOS/Version 2/BASICOS.8Xp 5.4 KB
xFiles/BasicOS/Version 2/INPUT.8Xp 1018 bytes
xFiles/BasicOS/Version 1/BASICOS.8Xp 7.7 KB
xFiles/BasicOS/Version 1/Source.txt 0 bytes
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