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Casio Prizm programs for all versions of the calculator. Some programs designed for earlier versions (the CG10 and CG20) may not work correctly on newer calculators (the CG50). We have a guide for how to put programs on the calculator. Lua programs also need LuaZM to run.



  1. This package contains most characters seen on the Prizm menus, as well as the button templates and guidelines as observed from the calc.

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  2. In case you did what I did and deleted the CASIO folder from the storage memory, here it is so you can put it back on the calculator.

    From what I can tell this is just images to use with Picture Plot and Geometry, and deleting it could save you space for other programs, but hey, here it is if you want it.

    I exported the files from the fx-CG50 emulator.

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