Back in 2001 and 2002 I released 11 calculator RPGs and 1 point-and-click game for the TI-83 Plus monochrome series in the Illusiat series. The series was revived in 2009 with one final game: Illusiat 13: The Final Chapter.

Unfortunately, I lost interest in the project about 90% into development and only a few minor updates were released in early 2010 to fix some bugs in the version that was made public back then. In recent years, however, I began reviving several calculator and even one PC projects and this time around it could be Illusiat 13's turn as I began fixing stuff, improving difficulty by reducing grinding in the process. This revival attempt might be a long process, though, because I no longer have the project notes due to losing them years ago.

Here are the changes I've made so far.

-The save file is now archived at most times
-You can now exit the game with CLEAR when in the menu.
-Added Doors CS header and icon (although on the regular 83+ there isn't enough space to keep both this game and DCS7 installed)
-Increased experience and gold gained per battle
-Increased elemental experience gained when using magic
-Fixed error allowing you to enter the Hope Sanctuary before obtaining any key
-Made the game slightly more family-friendly

Something I might Add is a feature in the battle CAST menu where pressing a number key from 1 to 6 automatically chooses the associated magic spell and use it (1 PYRO, 2 ICE, 3 BLITZ, etc). This will speed up magic selection during battles as long as you remember which spells are associated with what digit. As for what else remains to be done, well there's an optional dungeon, the final one and some enemies and bosses including the creation and addition of their respective data.
I will always be amazed at how well these BASIC RPG's of your run.

Looks magnificent.
Thanks! The goal of Illusiat 13 was to mimic the style of the few previous games, hence the ASCII art. I bet it would not be hard to convert the game to layered text sprites like Darkblasters, but then it would no longer fit on the regular 83+ due to map data becoming twice larger, so I decided to keep the style as is. I might also make a CE version, although it would most likely just be a direct port rather than graphical remake for now.
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