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Today at a little after noon (EST) several staff members got a message from Foster@TI on their wall reminding us of tomorrows news about the new Nspire. There has been speculation about the exact specs of this beast, but from my own bias and from what I have heard and read, this will could be the start of a new generation of calculators. Some sources believe that this new TI-Nspire will have a color screen and even optional WiFi support. Pardon my French, but that sounds pretty darn cool.

Whether this is a response to the Prizm or not is unknown to me, but by the looks of things, either TI knew about the Prizm before the public (which is a good possibility) or TI had plans for doing this independent of any knowledge of Casio plans (also a good possibility). As for WiFi support, all I can say is that I wonder what crazy things will come of that? Will it enable students to actively participate in polls for questions in class? Control robots in science experiments? Posts on forums from your calc, about your calc? Taking over the world?

I am not sure how accurate any of this is, but I do know that tomorrow at noon (Texas time?) I plan to check for the news and all the goods about this latest Texas Instruments recreation of the abacus.

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