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Lionel Debroux


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Posted: 02 Sep 2010 01:31:45 am    Post subject:

Yesterday morning (European time), I posted on #ti the following lines:
chronomex, nikky, tev (and mha, obviously): lately, I wondered whether, now that ticalc is hosted on a new, more powerful server with more storage space, it is planned that ticalc subdomain openings restart ?
I have a feeling that ticalc could reinforce its role as a link between programmers, users and projects, by doing so.
Authors of major recent projects, e.g. Axe and DCS 7, may be happy to host / backup some of their data on ticalc, and gain even more visibility (than they already gain by ticalc news and word of mouth about their technical abilities, I mean).
Note 1) that I haven't discussed this with [Quigibo] & KermM, and 2) that my idea may be stupid (I've never managed a size of this size and fame, and probably never will !).
Thoughts ?

The reaction of chronomex was that it's a good idea, and him, DJ_Omnimaga and I discussed the matter further. See http://netham45.org/irc/EfNet/view.php?log=ti.20100901 for the whole discussion, it starts at 00:31 (time of Netham's client).
Of course, before it gets done, we need approbation of all server owners&admins Wink

To summarize and provide a starting point for a wider discussion:
  • several of us think that it would be good that select, important projects of the community (maybe selected by polls, but several candidates are probably uncontroversial) have a xyz.ticalc.org presence, to gain (even) more visibility;
  • the goal of this ticalc presence is not to disturb/disrupt the workflow that these external projects have had for years, and it's not to drive traffic away from their infrastructures either. We stress on that;
  • if the owners of these significant projects use their ticalc subdomain only to redirect to their infrastructure that grew out of ticalc for historical reasons, so be it. As such, maybe these new subdomains would be "featured external projects", whereas the old subdomains are truly "hosted at ticalc.org";
  • in all likelyhood, access to the ticalc infrastructure would be limited to a FTP account, and static (or maybe HTML + CGI ?) pages (well, at least, that's how I've been using the TICT subdomain for years, and nowadays the LPG subdomain as well);
  • possible uses of the storage space (presumably several dozens of megabytes) on the ticalc infrastructure are viewable documentation, a backup space / download place for beta versions - pick your own;
  • the ticalc file archives are a good mirror for releases, aren't they ? Smile

Go forth and discuss, thanks in advance Wink

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