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Posted: 08 Jun 2010 07:55:52 am    Post subject:

I think it is worth to start this topic.
These are some links for ARM assembly programming tutorials, books and instruction set.

(note these tutorials do not seem for beginners in assembly, I read a bit to verify)


Instruction set:

Nspire related links:

Some other tips:
DIY: Compile some piece of C-Code and analyze the disassembly.
Game Boy Advance (and possibly Nintendo DS) Homebrew web-sites have lots of material.
Nspires have an ARM9 but there are so small issues with different versions of ARM CPUs found in other devices like Nintendo DS, cellphones, Archimedes...
Acorn Archimedes Nostalgia Web-sites often have nice assembler code-snippets.
see for assembly gems

Discuss. I will keep this post updated with new links.

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Posted: 10 Jun 2010 06:10:34 pm    Post subject:

Here is a hand coded Ndless program that simply prints out "Hello World" to the emulator console.
It wont do anything on the calculator. Handcoding will have NOP instructions[mov r0,r0] and zeros here and there.
I also make use of the breakpoint instruction 0xe1200070 [ BKPT 0000 ] for the emulator to inspect code.


     0:   00475250   "PRG\0"                        ; Ndless program header
     4:   e92d4ff0   stmdb   sp!,{r4-r11,lr}        ; save machine state
     8:   e1a00000   mov    r0, r0                 ; NOP or break point here - NOP for this release version
     c:   e28f0064   add    r0,   pc,   0x64   ; calculate address to format specifier "%s\n" below and save in r0 - first printf() argument
    10:   e28f1070   add    r1,   pc,   0x70   ; calculate address to string "Hellow World" below and save in r1 - second printf() argument
    14:   e1a00000   mov    r0, r0                 ; next 3 instructions do nothing
    18:   e1a00000   mov    r0, r0
    1c:   e1a00000   mov    r0, r0
    20:   e59f600c   ldr    r6, [pc, 0xc]          ; load printf entry point from below into r6
    24:   e1a0e00f   mov    lr, pc                 ; save return address into lr just before call
    28:   e12fff16   bx   r6                     ; make the call: printf("%s\n","Hellow World");
    2c:   e3a00000   mov    r0, 0x0                ; back from call- now return 0 in r0
    30:   e8bd8ff0   ldmia   sp!,{r4-r11,pc}        ; restore machine state and exit program
    34:   10182c60        data - noncas printf() entry point
    38-74:           data 00000000 x 16 padded bytes - does nothing
    78:                   data "%s\n\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00"  ; 4 byte aligned string
    88:                   data "Hello World\n\x00\x00\x00\x00"                             ; 4 byte aligned string

Here are the CAS and NONCAS programs for the emulator:

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