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Posted: 07 Nov 2010 07:04:54 pm    Post subject:

Hello. I am experiencing an annoying problem with the _VPutS bcall. When I wish to display a string of 16 characters (starting from PenCol = 0) the last character is truncated. My guess is that _VPutS/_VPutMap first checks to see if adding another character makes PenCol greater than 95 before it places it so when the PenCol is at 90, 90 + 6 (5 pixels for the character, 1 for the spacing) makes it fail. This isn't sensible because theres no need for an added space after the last character of a line. I would use _PutS but I am trying to be able to write to plotscreen as well as be able to toggle between large and small font using the same code via font flags. Does anyone know of a clever workaround or sees a better way to accomplish this? Any help is very much appreciated


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Posted: 11 Nov 2010 02:40:10 pm    Post subject:

1. If you set the flag 4, (iy + 24h), VPutMap and similar routines will limit penCol to 96 rather than 95.

2. If you set the drawLFont flag (6, (iy + fontFlags)), instead of fracDrawLFont, VPutMap will draw large font characters, but without the extra blank column on the right. (You may recognize this mode from the Calcsys "about" screen. I have no idea what the flag is intended for.)

3. You can retrieve the font bitmap using the LoadPattern routine, and draw it yourself using whatever sprite routine you prefer. This will usually be faster than using VPutMap in any case.
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