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Statistics 160 downloads
Folder Computer Programs
Description You are a stoplight operator and must control the lights at an intersection in order to prevent crashes. Each stoplight is controlled by its set of three keys (QAZ, WSX, IJN, and OKM). Cars slowly speed up over time and traffic slowly gets worse, so see how long you can last! I hope you enjoy my Land entry to CC20: Transit Time. This version includes instructions on how to run the file, and I plan to include features of a more complete game (highscores, title screen, pauses, etc.) in future versions.
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL1594
First Upload 08 Jul 2017 12:03:14 pm
Last Update 21 Aug 2017 10:26:54 am
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Intersection/ 0 ----
Intersection/Andale Mono.ttf 109700 ----
Intersection/blueCar.png 13931 ----
Intersection/boom.png 15925 ----
Intersection/greenCar.png 11993 ----
Intersection/greyCar.png 9767 ----
Intersection/intersection.py 9469 ----
Intersection/IntersectioREADME.txt 534 ----
Intersection/redCar.png 12105 ----
Intersection/whiteCar.png 9632 ----
Intersection/yellowCar.png 12071 ----