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New TI-84 Plus CE Colors: White and Gold
Published by KermMartian on May 10, 2016 at 12:57:22 PM CST | Discuss this article (15)

Three weeks ago, we reported on a TI Education post on Facebook teasing two new TI-84 Plus CE colors, one of which we knew was gold, the other of which we speculated was white. Now, TI has announced in a press release that the new TI-84 Plus CE colors are indeed white ("Bright White") and gold ("Golden Ratio") (insert tempting but tired white/gold versus black/blue joke here). This editor feels that the white and gold cases trade the fun of the brighter colors for a more classy, refined look. Are you planning to get one or both of the new colors, or do you prefer Radical Red, Lightning Blue, or one of their brightly-colored brethren? You will be able to buy these "limited edition" colors around Back-to-School.

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