It actually does it exposes the arduinos usb controller for user with gcn and what ever other shenanigans I decide to make it do like emulate a silver link. But it's hooked up for computer connectivity.
So I have been working on the schematic slowly and surely. But I am kinda at a crucial decision making portion of this project. That is what battery do we want to use. I'm trying to balance size+capacity+price. I pretty much need help finding a good place to source these. I will be looking at digikey and mouser. But for anything other then discretes they have been seemingly pricey to me.

I will report back soon with the space we have on the high end to fit the circuitry and the battery in.

Seems to be 2"x1.5"x1/4" space for the battery or smaller. Hope we can find something that fits. And the height is an estimate there might be a little more or a little less then a 1/4" I am honestly not to sure based on pcb layout and such we can fudge it a little tho

Digikey had nothing that would work nor did mouser. Any suggestions on where else to search?

Thinking of using this as the battery for this project. It has a rating of 180mAh and Preliminary maths show that the run time should be suitable for use in this application(upwards of 16 hours screen on time on normal/moderate load) . It brings up a small side project with it though, There are 4 pins on the battery and we think 2 of them are I2C lines. So we are going to probe them to see what we can get back from them!

Another good suggestion as they are readily available as well as there clones are NDS batteries they have a 1000mah rating and the only size change from the ones above is they are about a millimeter thicker not really the end of the world.
I definitely think you should go with the DS Lite battery: it's cheap, widespread, and should have plenty of knockoffs. I'll probably want to pick some of those up myself for various projects. In fact, your very own forum has a topic about powering a TI-Nspire monochrome calculator with that battery.
Well I think I shall use that as my battery then I should even be able to make it easily removable and such so no soldering is needed! but that's for after the prototype stage I think xD

Once I finish understanding how the boosting circuit works I shall probably implement a small transistor array for use as switches with the arduino so I an not sinking to much current from the arduino pins, and then purchase a decent caliper/ruler so I can actually design this funky pcb layout!

Got the start of a schematic going not sure if its all done right. Can someone check my math/configurations for me. I can answer questions as needed. Just do not want to fab the board and lose the money if its wrong.

EDIT: parts for later
possible battery contact pins
I didn't check over the regulator or the LiPo charger at any great detail, as I don't have the reference designs for those in my head, but I did look over the circuit as a whole. The only real comment I have is that it's not a bad idea to hook that AREF to something just in case. Also consider throwing a blocking cap or two across your power rails near the microcontroller. Other than that, there's nothing glaring missing or wrong in that schematic.
Can you explain what a blocking cap is exactly? And updated the local schematic to pull aref to ground for now I will be using it I just don't know what to scope it from yet (plan to use it to get battery level statistics)
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