hi guys,

i need a usb keyboard for my raspberry pi, and all the keyboards i have laying around are using ps2, so theyre no use..

is there a app i can use to make my ti84+ become recognized as a usb keyboard (hid device)

i saw a few vids on youtube that it has been done, but i can't find the apps for it.

thanks in advance.
BrandonW has done some work on it. Poke your nose in the channel and talk to him.
Yeah, I made one at some point. Here is the topic on Omnimaga.
periph8x is the name of Brandon's incomplete-last-I-checked project, which has code for both using your calculator as an MSD device, and as a numeric keypad.
If you happen to have a 89T, another project of BrandonW, called Linky, implements several devices, especially a HID keyboard and a HID mouse, for the 89T.
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