This summer I have developed an extreme interest in web frameworks, specifically those written in python. The two that I have looked at more than others are Pyramid and Flask. I find these two frameworks to be excellent and they both provide excellent documentation. That being said, I still find the documentation to be lacking something. Because of this I was sitting around thinking about the two frameworks when an idea hit me. Their tutorials work, but are still missing something to help me develop a concrete understanding of what is going on with the frameworks when I type in their example code. Because of this I have decided to write my own series of tutorials for both Flask and Pyrmaid.

Since I said that they both have excellent documentation, what is it that I can bring to the table to make the frameworks make more sense. One thing that the tutorials assume (with good reason) is that you also understand the libraries that they use to achieve what they are doing. I will not make this assumption, if I need to use SQLAlchemy I will present a brief tutorial on what the library is and how to use it. I will not go into depth with the library but will give you adequate information to get by.

The tutorial series that I am working on will also include exercises at the end of the lesson to help solidify the information that is presented.

That being said I have already written and posted three posts in the Pyramid series. Even though I am writing about how to use web frameworks, I have decided to present the lessons using Wordpress. When I get more time (finish a series) I will roll my own application that will allow me to present the tutorials in a different manner.

And without further ado here is the link
I noticed a mistake in the preparation article, and it has now been fixed. Because of this the tutorials are going to be written, but not published until the actual application is finished. This should allow me to write the tutorials while making sure they are still factually correct.
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