02-10-10 Repaired exporting of .8xp programs from SourceCoder that include two-byte tokens with values [<100,*]
04-08-10 Finished completely repairing the Dupe Aborted bug in SAX, to the best of my and users' testing
04-12-10 Implemented simple solution to display number of unread SAX lines as part of page title when Cemetech pages lose focus.
04-16-10 Implemented quick-fix for front page "1969" bug wherein some subfora would show no latest topic when the last post or topic in that subforum had been moderated.
05-06-10 Updated Archives->Upload page to show main author to avoid problems with authors putting themselves as Coauthor 1. Also added checks to make it impossible to put the same author twice.
05-18-10 Renewed the cemetech.net domain for yet another year.
05-31-10 Fixed up TI-SAX popout client, except for the user list, which I temporarily disabled.
06-09-10 Two token fixes to SourceCoder to, as per pilotmm
06-10-10 Many fixes to SourceCoder based on feedback from pilotmm, Galandros, Swivelgames, and the rest of the community. Beginning of updates to refresh the virtual calculator interface and more
06-11-10 Completion of updates, upgrade of postbot, addition of ability to post on SMF boards such as Omnimaga. News and publicity.
06-12-10 Fixed Revert to View
06-12-10 Added Javascript to insert missing line-beginning colons on form submission
06-16-2010 Added hackish AppVar support to SourceCoder via program translation routine, as per tifreak8x's request.
06-23-2010 Added twitter-searching capability to the SaxJax IRC-SAX linker bot. It will now repeat any tweets with the hashtag #cemetech in them into IRC, and therefore into SAX.
07-04-2010 Improved track merging in MIDI to MT3 converter
07-04-2010 Initial work on compression algorithm to find common subsections in created MT3 files
07-05-2010 Completed and debugged compression algorithm for mT3 converter
07-05-2010 Added text descriptions of tracks next to size information in Step 2 of converter.
07-08-2010 For Axe coders using SourceCoder, I added the "escape" sequences \{N\}, \{F\}, and \{E\} to represent the literal on-calc strings {N}, {F}, {E}. This was previously a problem, as the editor usually converts those to (bold finance N), (fancy F), and (small *10^ E), respectively.
07-08-2010 Modified BBCode image filter in forum slightly to accept Omnimaga-style attached screenshots.
07-08-2010 Restored most functionality of the Geographic User Map (http://www.cemetech.net/about/usermap.php). Realtime display of online user locations temporarily disabled.
07-13-2010 Fixed IRC->SAX url display
07-14-2010 Updated IPs and user agents for many search engine spider bots, including Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, Cuill, and others.
07-29-2010 Nick highlighting added to SAX
07-29-2010 Removed new-line-counting in out-of-focus windows, instead flashing the title of a window if a user's nick is mentioned and that window is not in focus.
08-06-2010 CemetechNews RSS feed updated to put proper permalink URLs on news items
08-12-2010 Fixed theme enumeration problem that was preventing Google and other search spiders from indexing Cemetech
08-12-2010 Changed user profiles to say "Cemetech | Profile | {Username}" instead of the previous less-descriptive "Cemetech | Viewing Profile"
08-12-2010 Updated title of http://www.cemetech.net/forum/index.php from "Cemetech | Index" to "Cemetech | Forum | Index"
08-12-2010 Updated title of http://www.cemetech.net/index.php from "Cemetech | Index" to "Cemetech | Home"
08-17-2010 For the sake of SEO, Cemetech | News pages now get unique titles based on the display scope (year, year+month, all) or the particular article's title.

08-17-2010 Quick Reply script added to the bottom of forum pages for logged-in users.
08-22-2010 Cemetech successfully switched to PHP5, pending testing.
08-23-2010 saxjax IRC-SAX linker now posts Post notifications in #omnimaga as well as #cemetech on Efnet
08-23-2010 SubForum mod added to forum. Templating still remains.

08-23-2010 Templating of subforum mod completed, including creation of and icons.
08-29-2010 tiSAX popout client repaired.
08-29-2010 Image tools added to SourceCoder 2.5
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