This might look like, to you, a TI-84 Plus cover ? Wink
But actually, tonight, that cover hides your dreams' calculator, the latest member of the TI-Z80 family: the new TI-84 Plus Color Silver Edition !

The time has now come to discover every aspect of this treasure! Wink

Let's see the backside:

The calculator shows a large "Marketing" sticker.
Right below, no list of patent numbers, but the Patent pending mention instead, indicating that patents relevant to this model are still pending at the time the device was manufactured.

Instead of the classic battery removable cover is a cover locked by two screws. Indeed, a rechargeable battery has replaced the non-rechargeable batteries!

The rechargeable battery is a 3.7L0800SP, which is contained in the cheap rechargeable batteries of the chinese TI-Nspire CM. It packs 800 mAh under 3.7V, i.e. 2.96 Wh. The rechargeable battery is therefore fully compatible with the Nspire series', and should the need arise, could be replaced by the CX or Touchpad rechargeable batteries, for higher duration.

Also noticeable is the first appearance in the TI-Z80 series of a 'reset' button on the back. Users are accustomed to remove a battery in order to perform a reset; of course, on this model, no joy. Unplugging the rechargeable battery requires unscrewing, because as mentioned above, the cover has screws. It's therefore pretty logical that a 'reset' button appears, TI thought about it!

Let's have a glance at the serial number:

The "K-1212" letters behind the serial number indicate that this calculator was recently manufactured in the K (China) factory, in December 2012.

Actually, besides minor modifications, the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition's cover is based on the TI-84 Plus cover. It's therefore no wonder that we can use it with existing TI-84 PLus stands

On the top side of the calculator, the usual 84+ connectivity: mini-jack serial port, mini-USB plug:

On the calculator's sides, at the bottom, we can see a couple metal contacts:

They're suitable for charging bays, for instance in classroom environments, when one has multiple calculators of the same model

On the top right side, there's another small difference from the original 84+ cover.
It's a LED indicating the battery charging process, lighting up when the calculator is connected to a powered USB host:

On the bottom, the keyboard's faceplate is removable, just like on the 84+ Silver Edition:

The 84+ C Silver Edition therefore has the same customization possibilities as the 84+ Silver Edition!

In other words, a great model that we're very eager to boot up for you, in the next episode! Wink

Check it out! I looked at the prices and its astronomical, $129USD from TI.
Wasn't the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition price something like that?
Would seem quite logic.
critor wrote:
Note: would you accept to modify your 'img' tags so that they accept url which don't end in .jpg/.png/.gif, ie php generated images?
It's a problem each time I'd like to share something with you - thanks.
This is sort of a security feature. I'd be happy to show you how to make yourself a .htaccess file that uses mod_rewrite.
Actually I thought Cemetech already supported image URLs ending in something else than jpg/png/gif, but only if they are hosted on Omnimaga?
GinDiamond wrote:
Check it out! I looked at the prices and its astronomical, $129USD from TI.
As Critor says, this is the same price as the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, and $10 more than the Casio Prizm. It's not astronomical on a calculator scale.

DJ_O: Nah, I don't think so. However, after internal discussion I'm probably going to remove the dynamic image limitation.
Actually I just tried Omni attachments and they work:;topic=3611.0;attach=14587;image

Back on topic, has anyone done some tests on how fast the drawing commands are compared to the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus? From a picture on TI-Planet, "For(Z,1,999:Disp Z:End" seemed 4 times slower on the color model, but a few months ago, Vijfhoek reported 1.5 times slower speed for certain commands like Pixel/Lines and I think I read once that graphing speed was almost on-par with the 84+.

Could it have been that Disp just requires a lot more LCD updates due to scrolling everything up?
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