Update: Playing back register dumps on my calculator. Finally Very Happy

The song in the video is from r-type.
Well, I'd say that's pretty impressive! Nice work! Very Happy
That sounds great indeed! I hope you're planning to convert it to a more MOD/PCM sort of format, though, which will help the size of your files significantly. Smile
Ease of use is what I'm going for. People will just have to add a music player interrupt routine to their game and that will take care of everything. Goattracker can export to .sid, but it sounds nothing like what you just created in the tracker. I might wind up writing my own tracker on the TI84+ like I did before.

Edit: Working on a tracker.
Release 1.3:
+TO8xv.exe: Converts any raw data to an appvar. Useful for converting sid dumps to appvariable so you can play them back from your calculator.
+Link to sid_dumper.exe added in the readme.
-Readme updated. Added some essential information.
-Fixed appvar name in the siddump player source.

Download Link
Release 1.3.2:

- Sid player fixed. Had some timing issues.

Upcoming features: Soundchip firmware optimized for playing dumps. It allows for writing an entire frame using only 26 bytes as opposed to 25 address+25 value bytes.

I might add some more commands to increase the performance.
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