The idea: port a 83+ RPG (prolly Reuben Quest, or just Illusiat if I don't have time to make it big) to computer.

The twist: The computer screen has a way bigger screen that makes room for way fancier stuff. I initially wanted it to be a top-view 2D game (either with a bunch of printf and ANSI codes like Nethack or in color like Final Fantasy or the original game), then I thought of raycasting that might be more interesting and original (why not a Doom-style RPG?). The idea is still kinda WIP, feel free to comment on this, but either way it might be interesting. EDIT: That or abuse of Mode 7 :3

Of course it don't need to be super fancy, but still will be, kinda. Anyway it will most likely work on your lower-tier graphics card Razz
nice idea for the computer catagory, show us some screens when you get a chance.
Yeah, first step (and probably the hardest) is to figure out how to do it.
well, for computer 3D stuff, (or rather, any 3D things), i cant help. 3D is something ive never understood, and probably wont for a while.
I actually have some experience in 3D at school, so it might be okay.
Seems interesting, although I think Mode 7 might make the game really weird, since maps are totally not designed to be flat (especially that mountain at the beginning and dungeons)

Actually Illusiat 1 through 8 would fit well with raycasting, although the others might require variable wall height support. (Illusiat 12 and 13 had stairs. Illusiat 9 through 11 didn't, but I recall some maps not necessarily looking like flat land)
Yeah I wasn't sure at first, either Reuben or Illusiat, depends of what kind of 3D stuff I'll make.
wai, whered that picture come from?
Well, since Kerm allowed it, I am now in line to draw some graphics for Juju for this entry Smile However, I probably won't be asking for any of the prize, I'm not sure I need another calculator or new calculator-related accessories. I'll probably be starting on them this weekend, though I think the overworld tiles are only planned to be 16x16.

First screen of the game, everything are still placeholders (overworld map badly ripped from the original game while the character is taken from another project), but I have a character moving on the screen and the map scrolling with it!
Make sure to have the character fit in those doors and cavern entrances lol. Also nice to see you got a spriter. If you need some extra ones I can also give you some sprite sheets from ROL0.

For the maps, will you re-use the Reuben battle sprites? I wish I still had the 4-directional colorized one from 2006 so that shading could be added to it or something. It would have been more true to Reuben Quest.
I didn't really had time to do much lately (because school, intensive cleaning and stuff like that), but I did some mapping, some sort of pause menu and nifty placeholders.

So yeah, old Final Fantasy style, will be pretty.
Looks great! I hope that with holidays and breaks upon us, you will be able to get enough of this done by the contest #9 deadline.
Thanks! I'll have lots of time during the holidays, so expect more updates during the next days.
I hope this manages to get finished. It would be nice to see a PC version of the game. Smile

As for the title screen, I think you should try to keep it true to one of the original games. For example you could re-use the logos from the readmes, like the examples below:

Or something similar to the calc title screen for the 1st game, with reuben standing at the top of a cliff above a forest.

Not sure if re-using existing tiles would hurt your score, though.
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