So with Leafy's permission, I decided to port (and modify) Graviter to Windows.

I plan on using:

SFML for all media and most graphics
SPARK for particle effects (Should make the game look very nice)
Box2D for collision detection and physics

This port of Graviter will make use of a Gravity Gun that can create points of gravity or antigravity. It will also feature a custom storyline.

And so far that's all the ideas I have for now. Hopefully this time my entry won't be plagued by laziness or [intentionally] confusing logic flow. This time around, I have a bit o' edu-mah-cashun to help me see this through. Laughing
How has this been going?
Still trying to get my head wrapped around particle systems. Though I'm holding off on making headway until after finals and winter break begins, tomorrow.

Once I get particle systems down-pat, I have a good methodology to get the rest of the game implemented fairly easily. I think the most time will be spent making levels and storyline. Smile
Sounds good, glad to hear that it's still in progress. Since finals are winding down for everyone, early or mid-week I plan to send out a mailer reminding people of this contest and announcing the TI-84+CSE and Classpad fx-CP400 as reported by Cemetech. Hopefully we'll see a resurgence in Contest 9 interest and prehaps even some new entrants.
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